Russia POUNDING Odessa!!!

After two Russian civilians were killed by a submersible terrorist attack on the Kerch bridge in Crimea by the Kiev regime, Russia has struck the port city of Odessa with some of the most powerful force seen since the beginning of the escalated war in 2022.

Many supportive of the Russian nationalist cause were beginning to fear that a shallow peace deal, a Minsk 3 of sorts, was in the works as Ukraine’s summer counteroffensive failed even in the eyes of the western press. However, as Ukraine continues to claim it will recapture Crimea and the western powers seem to aid Ukraine in their non military terrorist acts, it appears Russia is preparing to capture more territory. The pummeling of Odessa comes as the grain deal between Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey, which was meant to facilitate the safe passage of grain from the port of Odessa out to the rest of the world, has been completely terminated by the Russians.

While the “international community” is feigning outrage it is known that over 97% of the grain was not going to supposedly “starving” african countries as claimed but was mostly going to western europe. Putin has already said that Russian exports can more than account for any shortages in the developing world. Turkey and the US have rejected calls to guarantee safe passage for Ukrainian ships making the Black Sea now very much a Russian lake. Insurance companies are refusing to insure any Black Sea ships under these circumstances. The entire Black Sea coast of Ukraine is now under the purview of Russia, causing many to speculate that the Nikolaev and Odessa regions will likely be added to the new territory annexed by the Federation. This comes alongside reports that Russia is amassing 100,000 troops near Belgorod to supposedly take the Kharkov region.

Russia has also warned the West that the rapid armament of Poland and its hostile actions along the border with neighboring Belarus is a cause for concern. Alexander Lukashenko, the strong willed President of Belarus, recently legalized the Wagner PMC in his country and the majority of Wagner fighters are now in White Russia. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the group who led a supposed “coup” less than a month ago, is in Belarus and told his fighters that before many of them went to Africa to carry out military contract work there, they would help “make the Belarusian army the second strongest army in the world!” Presumably this means 2nd best after the Russian Federation. President Lukashenko told a group of onlookers that “Wagner are currently in their camps…If Belarus needs them, we will instantly call upon PMC Wagner to defend the nation.”

The potential for a strike on Kiev has increased with Wagner’s presence in Belarus and will only become more of a fear for the Ukrainians if Russia succeeds in reentering the Kharkov region. Polish and Belarusian border guards have engaged in small skirmishes periodically over the past two years and with Poland attempting to spend over 14% of its GDP on military hardware alone (not military in general JUST hardware), Lukashenko has a reason to be wary. The presence of Russian nuclear weapons within the country will hopefully keep the Poles from trying anything ridiculous and dragging the world into another World War. The US, however, seems to want Poland to be their point man for the ongoing hybrid war with Eurasia and may very well take us to the next level, whether us patriots like it or not.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at TurleyTalks.

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