Russia APPROACHING VICTORY in Ukraine as Globalism FALLS!

-Russia has made MASSIVE GAINS!

-The multipolar world order is in full effect!

-Russia fully intends on achieving total victory in its civiliziational fight against globalism!

Russia is currently making its biggest territorial gain in Ukraine since the summer, and all signs point to this latest offensive as just the beginning! We’re going to look at the latest on the front lines, what such developments suggest for the coming days, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when we’ll find out what all of this means for the rise of a new civilizational order; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Reports are coming out that Russian troops have indeed taken over the eastern Ukrainian city of Soledar, just north of the city of Bakhmut in the Donbass region, which is increasingly coming under total Russian control! It’s being reported that Russian troops, particularly the Wagner paramilitary outfit, has taken over the vast majority of the city. There are apparently some pockets of Ukrainian resistance on the western side of the city but it appears to be increasingly futile! Alex and Alexander over at the Duran were just talking about this; Soledar and Bakhmut are two very strategic places, in that if they fall, a whole host of other Ukrainian positions scross the Donbass region will also. This all helps consolidate and solidify the territory that Russia has annexed of course. If you recall, back in September, the Russian Federation annexed four formerly Ukrainian regions, these were the two breakaway republics in the Ukrainian Donbass region, Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as the regions of Kherson and Zaporozhye. They all held a number of referendums a few months back, very similar to what Crimea did several years back, and they, like Crimea, officially joined the Russian Federation! So Russia sees these now 5 regions as an integral part of Russia, and any and all military offenses against those regions have and are being treated as an invasion of the territorial sovereignty of Russia itself!

And Soledar and Bakhmut are integral to not only the defense of these regions, but are seen as strategic points in which these regions are solidified and fortified under permanent Russian control! As a result of the takeover, The Hill is reporting that Russia is on the verge of its biggest territorial gain in Ukraine since the summer, around the time President Putin announced the end of the Special Military operation; the attack particularly on Kherson by Ukrainian troops is now treated as an invasion of Russia! Talk about flipping the narrative, and now, in place of the very limited Special Military operation, Putin has been preparing reservists and several hundred thousand more troops to go in and finish this once and for all, at least that’s the plan as I understand it from Russia’s side of things!

Now, as many of you know, if you’ve been following this channel for some time now, my analysis of what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine is very, very different than from what you’ll hear from the legacy media, including Fox News, with the exception of Tucker Carlson. I think it bears repeating that a number of geopolitical analysts believe that the relentless eastward expansion of NATO is at least in part responsible for this horrific crisis! I was just talking with some folks about this the other day; a lot of people don’t realize this, but Nato has gone from 17 member-nations in 1990 to 30 countries today, so it didn’t just expand; it nearly doubled in size! And there’s a widely held sentiment among a number of academics, such as John Mearshimer of the University of Chicago and George F. Kennan of Harvard, even Henry Kissinger, who I’m no fan of, but even he recognized that brazen NATO eastward expansion was denounced and opposed by every single head of Russia from Gorbachov to Yeltsin to Putin to Medvedev back to Putin! Every single Russian leader told NATO, ‘Don’t do that! We consider Nato weapons and troops at our border an existential threat! You have been warned!’ And our Western leaders turned a deaf ear for the last two decades to those warnings! But no one, and I mean no one, could foresee what was about to happen, and we’re talking long before this war broke out. This eastward expansion of NATO actually had the effect of awakening quite literally a sleeping giant, a civilizational colossus, that would change the world in ways NATO leaders never even imagined!

Starting around the year 2012, just a few years after NATO offered Ukraine membership, scholars noticed a dramatic civilizational turn in Vladimir Putin’s speeches! Starting around 2010, Putin began talking about the necessity of reviving the ancient Orthodox Russian world in order for Russia to ultimately overthrow what he called in his recent annexation speech, the insane satanic forces of the woke West! Jordan Peterson noticed this in one of his recent interviews, where he argued that Putin’s weaponization of anti-woke sentiment among the Russian population (and I would also add among the vast majority of the non-Western world) is a civilizational weaponization. It’s not so much a political weaponization or an ideological weaponization per se. The war against the Woke West is for Putin a thoroughly civilizational war! It is a clash between two mutually exclusive civilizations, one that promises to be a Brave New Progressive world guided by absurdity and insanity versus a thousand-year Russian civilizationguided by the bedrock of Orthodox Christian tradition!

Now you can think all of that is bunk, but that’s precisely what Putin has been saying in his speeches from at least 2010, 2012, when scholars noted that his speeches took a very stark civilizational turn, stating that Russia was in a great civilizational conflict with a decadent and decaying West! And thus was born the first bona fide civilizational state!Civilization states are states that are redrawing their boundaries around ancient civilizational spheres, like the Slavic Orthodox world of Imperial Russia, which of course, does include Ukraine, or the Sino Confucian sphere of ancient China, and the Hindu-nationalist sphere of ancient India. The key here is that, it’s believed that civilizations are alone big enough to take on the globalist powers of NATO and the WEF. Small little nations simply can’t do that, whereas revived civilizations, particularly in alliance with one another, like Russia, China, and India, most certainly can! And so this conflict goes way beyond simply autocracy vs democracy, this is a clash of civilizations, and it is one that the rising Russian world plans to win!