Ron DeSantis ENDS Disney as Red States DESTROY WOKENESS!

Woke Disney has completely folded! They have unconditionally surrendered as Ron DeSantis has completely crushed all of their pathetic efforts! We’re gonna look at how Republican supermajorities across the country are ending wokeness like never before, and we’re gonna see what it all means for the future of our nation!

-Republican supermajorities are sweeping the nation!

-Ron Desantis has ENDED Disney’s special governing status!

-All while other Governor’s PUNISH wokeness within their state borders!

As disappointing as the last midterms were, one of the most astonishing developments to come out of those elections was the rise of republican supermajorities in red states across the country! Now a supermajority refers to legislatures that have veto-proof majorities, they’re generally at least two-thirds of the state house or senate, and they represent Nothing short of the political dominance of a particular political party over a state! And so more Republican supermajorities than ever either formed or expanded last midterms. One of my favorite examples of this is Kentucky; how’s this for dominance: as of last midterms, Republicans now dominate 80 percent of the Kentucky Legislature! They literally hold 80 of Kentucky’s 100 House seats! Democrats are basically going extinct in Kentucky! So with this massive dominance in so many red states, we’re beginning to see legislation that is doing nothing less than utterly crushing the woke left.

Let’s start with what’s going on in the amazing state of Florida! Now as you all know, the Republicans slaughtered the Democrats throughout the sunshine state in the last midterms; they amassed a supermajority in both the House and the Senate. And that involved a massive sea change in Miami-Dade county, which was one of the bluest of blue counties in the nation! Get this: all 9 of Miami’s Republicans, Republicans running in Miami-area state races, all 9 won; in MIAMI! Miami-Dade did the unthinkable; it turned red! It was an absolute blowout! In fact, for the very first time since reconstruction, there will not be a single Democrat holding statewide office in Florida! They’re gone! They have been consigned to total and complete irrelevance! And now the woke are reaping the red state whirlwind! Yesterday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill officially ending Disney’s governing autonomy in the state of Florida.

Just weeks after it was revealed that Disney was pushing a radical LGBT agenda as part of their organized opposition against the Parental Rights Bill that was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida senate overwhelmingly passed a bill that officially strips Disney of its self-governing power and special exempt status. You may not have known, I certainly didn’t, but for the last 50 years, Florida Disney has had a special self-governing status that allowed it to act relatively autonomously from Florida law! I saw this firsthand, we had a Turley Talks company meeting down in Orlando back during Covid, and we picked Orlando precisely because Florida was free while so many other states were enslaved to the mask mandates! And we went to have dinner at a Disney park, and the restaurant we went into originally wouldn’t seat us because we didn’t have masks! Disney was enforcing basically California’s mask mandate, their draconian mask mandate, in the middle of Florida and when I asked the hostess how they could do that, she said that Disney operates with their own autonomous laws, they don’t have to comply with the laws of Florida, well as of yesterday those days have come to a Decisive end!

So after having gone so completely and totally woke, Disney has now officially lost that self governing status, after 50 years! They will now live under the same laws as everybody else in the state of Florida, and they will be forced to pay up their debts and their fair share of taxes. But it’s not just Florida! Over in Arkansas, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed a bill that will restrict what they’re calling “adult-oriented performances” in her state. It’s a bill that originally took aim to reclassify drag shows to be in the same category as adult strip clubs and theaters! Under the new law, adult performances are now banned from public property or being funded in whole or in part with public funds. The law also restricts any admittance of minors to be participating or attending the adult show so the state of Arkansas has brought a decisive end to these so-called kid drag shows that had been performed around the country of late. In a comparable move, the deep red state of Oklahoma has announced that it is banning gender reassignment operations for anyone under the age of 18:

That was governor Kevin Stitt making the announcement! But all of this is just the tip of the ice-berg; the fact is is that Red States are banning wokeness all over the place! And this has extraordinary ramifications for the future of our nation!

The rise of Republican supermajorities and the banning of all things woke has HUGE ramifications for the future of what are called ‘sanctuary states.’ Now of course, sanctuary states are generally associated with leftwing causes such as immigration and abortion but, on the right, sanctuary states are deep red states that are committed to protecting their citizens from any and all Democrat programs and persecutions coming from Washington DC! More and more red states have been joining together and in effect forming an administrative and legal wall against the assaults on our civil liberties by the blundering Biden administration. This is just an expanded version of what we’ve seen in the rise of second amendment sanctuaries; as of today, more than 1,200 jurisdictions in 37 states have adopted resolutions that have made their jurisdictions official second amendment sanctuaries. This is the idea of the sanctuary state from the vantage point of the right: red states band together to create administrative and legal walls that protect their citizens from the oppressive woke excesses and abuses coming out of DC! We of course saw that with people like Ron DeSantis standing up to the vax mandates and lockdowns, we’ve seen it from the Texas Attorney General’s office pushing back against Deep State social media censorship attempts. Texas now has a law that makes it illegal for Big Tech companies to censor the free political speech of Texas citizens; in fact, as I understand it, this applies to anyone who’s been censored even if you’re not in Texas, because that censorship has the potential of affecting Texas social media users. If your channel is being suspended, Texans can’t access that channel and are therefore adversely affected by such censorship practices! So what these supermajorities mean is that red states can increasingly set their own political agendas regardless of what DC wants or says! Any attempt by Democrats to obstruct state efforts is immediately thwarted with these massive majorities! So there you go, the days of the woke left are indeed coming to an end in significant parts of the nation, where more and more regions are making it absolutely clear: here, you go woke you go broke!