RINO HUNTING: Joe Kent is taking on the Establishment in Washington State!

One of the most exciting races for the House of Representatives in the upcoming 2022 midterms is the Republican primary in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District. Joe Kent, a retired Green Beret, is running to unseat one of the most traitorous and weak willed RINO’s currently in office: Jaime Herrera-Beutler. Washington’s 3rd is a Republican leaning district that sometimes swings around but has consistently been getting more conservative as the Democratic party has alienated the working class, white people, and those living on the peripheries of large metropolitan areas (in this case, Seattle and Portland). Herrera-Beutler is one of the least charismatic, least populist, and most establishment aligned Republicans in office (what else would be expected from someone who hyphenates their last name) and the district has started to make it known they want a national populist to represent them. Enter Joe Kent.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Joe Kent is an outdoorsman who quickly made it up the ranks into the top elite combat groups in the US Army in the wake of 9/11. In the service he met his wife, Shannon, who was tragically killed in combat fighting ISIS in Syria in 2019, a mere month after President Trump tried in vain to get the military industrial complex to pull out of the region. This among other things lit a fire under Joe to stand up for America First policies in Washington, preventing endless wars from killing our best and brightest, and allowing Americans to raise prosperous families on a single income (a future Joe was forced to accept due to selfish American foreign policy). Despite not being elected yet, Kent has done more for the people of Southeast Washington than his opponent has done in 10 years of elected office. Throughout the pandemic and the attempted vaccine and quarantine mandates rolled out by commissar Jay Inslee (governor of Washington), Joe has been leading patriots to the Clark county courthouse and county commission to put pressure on officials to not embrace tyranny and technocracy. Washington is still trying to force state and healthcare workers to get the dangerous and deadly COVID vaccines and patriots like Joe are the only ones organizing the mass grassroots resistance.

One needs to only look at the endorsements and voting record of Jaime Herrera-Beutler to realize her true nature as a bonafide swamp creature. She is endorsed by Kevin McCarthy, Elise Stefanik (no conservative), PIA (a neoconservative PAC), and a number of other RINO’s and big business groups with large spending interests in Washington. Meanwhile Joe Kent is endorsed by President Donald Trump, General Mike Flynn, Representatives Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz, the Bull Moose Project, the American Populist Union, and a number of other grassroots patriot organizations. Kent has already established an on-the-ground track record of consistency and bravery needed to stand up to the uniparty in DC. His RINO opponent voted to impeach President Trump and claimed January 6th was “incited” and supported the tyrannical January 6th commission which has allowed Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi to lock up peaceful protestors without trial for what are mostly misdemeanor charges. She has also voted against wall funding and is pro-amnesty. Kent wants to free J6 political prisoners, secure our southern border, implement AMERICA FIRST economic policies like pro worker tariffs, end racist CRT in our schools, bring home our troops and redirect the to the southern border, and restore American sovereignty from big pharma, agriculture, tech and other oligarchs. Kent is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from small donors and is amassing the necessary war chest to face an establishment darling as well as any “conservative” spoiler candidates the RINO’s may try to use to split the vote. Be sure to go to Joe’s website to learn how you can volunteer, donate, and support his campaign. LET’S GET JOE KENT INTO WASHINGTON AND TELL THESE RINO’S TO GO TO HELL!!!