RFK Considers Running as INDEPENDENT, Dems Panic!!!

The Democrats are freaking out over Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s planned announcement to launch a third-party bid for the White House. The polls are already showing that Biden is going to get clobbered! We are going to take a look at the latest and see exactly why the Democrats’ nightmare scenario is about to come true.

– Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is reportedly preparing to announce his independent candidacy for the presidency on October 9th in Philadelphia, posing a significant challenge to the Democrats.

– The DNC is trying to deny Kennedy recognized delegates due to his participation in an unsanctioned primary, prompting Kennedy to consider a third-party bid.

– Many pundits suggest that if RFK runs as an independent, Biden’s chances of winning become mathematically impossible.

The Democrats’ worst nightmare is about to happen! Mediaite first broke the news over the weekend that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is preparing to make a formal announcement regarding his independent candidacy for the presidency on October 9th in the city of Philadelphia. The Democrats only have themselves to blame for this. One of the reasons why the Democrats moved the South Carolina primary ahead of Iowa and New Hampshire on the calendar is because Biden lost them both back in 2020. Democrat strategists don’t want the primary season to start with a surprise victory for Bobby Kennedy, which would be an absolute humiliation for Biden.

The new calendar puts South Carolina first on Feb. 3, 2024, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada on Feb. 6th. The problem is that New Hampshire has a state law that mandates that it holds the first primary a week before any other state in the country. To follow through with the law, that would require New Hampshire Democrats to move their primary a week before the newly scheduled South Carolina primary. That would technically be an unsanctioned primary as the DNC is not agreeing to that. So Biden wouldn’t file to be on the ballot in that unsanctioned primary, but that failure to file would guarantee that Bobby Kennedy Jr. would win the first Democratic primary. The DNC is actively trying to deny Kennedy any recognized delegates at all as retaliation against him participating in an unsanctioned primary. The DNC is overtly rigging this entire primary process against Kennedy, so Kennedy is considering launching his third-party bid.

Many are wondering how much this is going to hurt Biden. Some pundits are worried this is going to hurt Trump because the RFK vote would most likely have voted for Trump over Biden were RFK not on the ballot. That could easily be remedied if Trump chose Kennedy as his running mate and made 2024 the most populist-centered presidential election ever. But what if Trump didn’t pick Kennedy? How badly would an independent Kennedy candidacy disrupt this race?

The impact of an RFK independent run has always been an issue of concern among Democrats. Recent Rasmussen polling solidified those concerns. Rasmussen found that upwards of a third of Democrats would ‘likely vote’ for RFK Jr. if he ran as an independent. That survey corroborates that devastating ABC News/Washington Post poll that found that Trump was crushing Biden by 10 points, and one of the key findings in that poll was that 60% of Democrats want someone other than Biden. That is one of the reasons why Trump is thumping Biden so badly in the polls. He is actively unraveling the Democrat coalition.

Young people and non-white voters are not just lethargic towards Biden, they are supporting Trump in record numbers. We talked about this last week. The Washington Post is admitting that Trump is seeing levels of minority support no Republican has reached in half a century. According to this latest poll, Trump is winning the under-30 vote by 15 points. This is a constituency that voted for Biden in 2020 by 65%. But the two trajectories of the defections of the non-white working-class voters and under-30 voters away from the Democrats to Trump are why Trump is seeing such a HUGE surge in the polls. It is not just the ABC/Washington Post poll: NBC news’ Hart research poll has Trump +3, and Harris Messenger has Trump +5!

Trump is the only one going up in all the polls. Everyone else, Biden, DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and even Vivek is going down! We shouldn’t be surprised to see a major shakeup like this, with RFK announcing a third-party independent run. He has everything to gain from it, and as we are finding in the polls, Biden has everything to lose. To make matters even worse for Biden, Cornel West is a far-left populist whose Green Party campaign is gaining a lot of traction.

Democrats are openly fearful that West’s campaign alone would cost Biden the election by splitting the left. All the polls show that Biden lost to Trump just by putting Cornell West into the mix. He consistently shaves 3-5 percentage points off of Biden’s total vote. If you put Bobby Kennedy into the mix, Biden could lose upwards of 10 points easily. This is why pundits like Dick Morris are saying that if RFK runs an independent candidacy, Biden is done. There is no mathematical way he can win this.

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