Resurfaced Video Shows Taylor Swift CRYING Over Republicans Crushing Liberals!

Believe it or not, this is a video that’s making its way around woke leftist circles today. They are celebrating it. They think this whining political tantrum over Republicans crushing liberals is somehow an exemplar for speaking out against injustice.

– Leftists celebrate Taylor Swift rejecting conservative values.

– Swift claims her secular views are Christian?!

– The real “Tennessee Christian values” are becoming stronger than ever!

So that was Taylor Swift in a scene from her 2020 Netflix documentary entitled Miss Americana. The clip you saw was a behind-the-scenes look at when she told her father, who was one of the men there, that she wanted to come out and speak publicly against Tennessee Republican senator Marsha Blackburn. She clearly thinks with her feelings and provides us with little more than a junior high-level ranting. What is so astonishing about this clip is how many on the woke left thought that that temper tantrum was something to be lauded and shared on social media.

This man is holding the position that people are either “with us” or “against us.” This is a belief called totalizing categories, and it’s ironically the most anti-democratic position one could hold, thus undermining basically everything he just said. But look who he’s tipping the hat to. How can someone who doesn’t know what a woman is lecture Republicans on women’s rights? How could Marsha Blackburn, a woman, possibly be anti-woman? How does one even begin explaining that?

This has been explained only using coded language and woke colloquialisms that do more to obfuscate reality than clarify it! It was shocking that Taylor Swift complained about Marsha Blackburn claiming to be a defender of Tennessee Christian values by saying, ‘Well I’m from Tennessee, I’m a Christian, and those aren’t Tennessee Christian values!’ It is unclear why she believes that her radical leftist secular values are in any way, shape, or form distinctively Christian. Since they are secular they are obviously not Christian!

In 2018, Marsha Blackburn absolutely crushed her Democrat opponent. Republicans have only continued to grow and dominate the state. In the last midterms, Tennessee Republicans won nearly 90% of state house seats. Leftists may be running around celebrating Taylor’s political incoherence, but obviously her secularized “Christian” values ring rather hollow in Tennessee.

Red state populations are increasingly rejecting the woke victimization that comprises the essence of Taylor Swift’s leftist identity politics. This is because more populations are actually turning away from the modernist philosophical foundation that gave rise to woke cultural Marxism in the first place. Instead, populations are increasingly returning to nation, culture, custom, and tradition, and are in turn actively rejecting the globalist, totalizing categories of liberal values rooted in victimhood and equity.

The irony is that Taylor Swift, by stubbornly clinging to these old modernist ideals, is actually objectively demonstrating herself to be on the wrong side of history. All over the world, history is passing her over! The world is returning to conservative values that championed everything that she whined about. Whether it’s Eastern Europe, Russia, China, the Middle East, or sub-Sahara Africa, everywhere we look we see the values of the world are beginning to look far more like the Tennessee Christian values than Taylor Swift decries. Leftists may be excited to share this resurfaced clip, but they are, in the end, just sharing in their own inevitable demise.

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