Republicans Fight Back Against Corrupt Dems!

Town Hall is reporting that Republican firebrand Matt Gaetz is openly threatening Jack Smith With Criminal Contempt of Congress for what many perceive as a blatant political witch hunt against Trump. Gaetz is calling for House Republicans to demand Smith appear before the Judiciary Committee within the next 15 days. If Smith fails to comply with the demand, then he should be held in criminal contempt of Congress. That would make Smith the first prosecutor in American history to prosecute a case while being himself under criminal contempt. Gaetz is going further, arguing that if Attorney General Merrick Garland doesn’t reign this absurdity in, he should face immediate impeachment.

– The indictment of President Trump is enabled by the Republican Party’s lack of opposition to Democratic tactics.

– There is a divide between a “populist right” MAGA-oriented party and a “populist lite” party led by establishment figures.

– The situation could lead to a new party formation if Republicans fail to effectively counter Democratic actions and protect conservative interests.

The only reason President Trump is being indicted right now ultimately is because Republicans allow it. The Democrats get away with these antics only because a feckless weak Republican Party allows them to. Playing by parliamentary rules doesn’t work when the other side has declared all-out war. This is a weakness in the Republican party that the Democrats have been able to thus far exploit. They are willing to pursue tactics they know Republicans will never pursue because doing so would destroy the country. Everything the Democrats do is predicated on a simple premise: Were the opposition [the Republicans] to match these Democrat antics, the republic would quickly descend into a spiral of illegality and chaos analogous to what ended the late Roman Republic.

That fact is well known to the cultural Marxists that comprise today’s Democratic Party. The Left is acting the way they do because they know that if Republicans responded in kind by mimicking their tactics, the result would destroy the Republic that conservatives love. They are basically holding us hostage to our fidelity to our nation. What these feckless Republicans simply don’t get is the fact that the Democrats, by descending into these lawless ridiculous antics, have already destroyed the nation. They’ve already robbed us of the nation that we’ve always loved.

Republican leaders are going to need to consider this when running for reelection, especially in light of the current funding shortages many of them are facing. While Trump is awash with cash, most particularly his Save America PAC, the Republican Party is going broke, particularly at the state level. The GOP is going financially bankrupt. Patriots have pulled their money and are not financially supporting a political party that is so dismissive and deaf to the demands of their constituents. The many fake Republicans are the ones claiming that Trump is bringing down the Republican Party. They and their donors continue to cling to this absurd notion that the MAGA movement is just a fringe minority in the party when MAGA has become the party.

This is the tension that we talk about all the time here between a populist right party and a populist lite party. A populist right party is a MAGA party where all RINOs and neocons have either left the party or they have adjusted themselves to the new political reality like Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio are trying to do. It’s a full-blown Patriot Party. On the other hand, a populist lite party is a party that has a MAGA base and nationalist populist grassroots, but a neocon establishment leadership. The disparity between the two, the grassroots and the leadership is growing wider. This is because a populist right party and a populist lite party operate by two fundamentally different politics. The populist right party operates by the politics of the people, where the values, concerns, and interests of the MAGA base are represented faithfully by their elected officials as Trump did so well for four years.

However, a populist lite party is governed not by the politics of the people, but rather by the politics of the establishment where GOP elected officials promote and protect the values, concerns, and interests of the permanent political class as amplified by the shameless cheerleading of the mainstream Marxist media. This is the party of the likes of Mike Pence who sees the Republican Party as nothing more than a special interest group for the establishment swamp. Politicians like Pence and Mitt Romney are dedicated to doing the bidding of CNN and the New York Times and Goldman Sachs. They care nothing about the working-class men and women of our nation.

The Republicans hopefully will follow Matt Gaetz here and push back against this rogue, renegade Justice Department and its weaponization of the legal system. Laura Ingraham said it best: the Justice Department has become the new DNC headquarters! They are arresting Biden’s political opposition leader. This is insane, and if this isn’t enough to awaken the Republican opposition to push back with more force against the Democrats, then they don’t deserve to be a party any longer, and the Patriots will band together to create a new party that serves our interests!

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