Republican Debate Ratings Among Lowest EVER!

This divide is manifesting in an electoral implosion. The ratings are in for the second Republican debacle. They were some of the lowest ratings ever recorded for a presidential debate. It was widely reported that Fox was slashing their ad prices to beg advertisers to run commercials during the debacle!

– The seven GOP candidates, except DeSantis, are polling in the single digits, making the debates appear as a waste of time.

– The Club for Growth, an ultra-globalist group, admitted that their anti-Trump TV ads backfired, increasing Trump’s support.

– The people are united and determined to challenge the ruling elites, leading to the implosion of the political establishment.

According to a report by Semafor, Fox advertising slashed their rates by more than 50% compared with the rates they charged for the first debate. Rupert Murdoch was desperate to get advertisers to spend money on a primary debate that they knew no one was going to watch. The winner of the night was widely recognized as the guy who wasn’t even there.

It was an unmitigated disaster for those seven candidates. Every one of whom, except DeSantis, is polling in the single digits. Glenn Beck tweeted, “The debate I watched last night was a bunch of privileged people talking over each other, chaos. Shut up! It was such a waste of time. And the moderator, just talking, shut up! Fox is dead.”

Fox News’ Dana Perino, formerly of the Bush administration, introduced Hilary Clinton at the latest Clinton Foundation gala as ‘The amazing Secretary Hillary Clinton!’

It is hard to see what is amazing about someone who deliberately tried to thwart the democratic integrity of an election by spying on her opponent while pushing fabricated trash that cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in a wasted special counsel investigation. This is Rupert Murdoch’s Republicanism. This is the Republican Party of Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham. This is the Republican wing of the uniparty ruling elite.

Establishment Republicans are just as much opposed to the common American as the ruling elites. They are part of the same ruling elite as Hillary Clinton. This is the uniparty and it is becoming more popular among establishment democrats and republicans alike. They work together to protect their power and affluence at our expense.

The ultra-globalist and open borders pro-China Club for Growth admitted in an internal memo to donors that after spending tens of millions of dollars on over 40 anti-Trump TV ads, those ads have had the opposite effect. They have only seen an increase in Trump support. There has been a strong backlash against these elite ruling class dolts. They are admitting that Trump is unstoppable at this point.

Polls consistently show that Trump’s dominance over the field is only growing. This is where anti-Trumpers are misguided. Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit has shown that Trump’s lead only grows when he is matched head-to-head with any Republican candidate. This primary is over, it is over because of the total incoherence of any viable political strategy for any other candidate. They have all been trying to run as anti-establishment candidates while being backed openly by the establishment. It’s a completely incoherent political strategy, and it is only backfiring.

Jack Posobiec foregrounded this incoherence when he tweeted about the debates, saying, ‘Weird how Biden is jailing the leader of the Republican Party and Democrat judges are dissolving his business and no one at the GOP primary debate seems to have noticed! But sure they’ll take on the deep state!’ Many people perceived the debate to be out of touch since it ignored the breakdown of justice and the weaponization of our legal system against a former president. The candidates seemingly dutifully pretended that was not happening because it was supported by their donors. Our donor class, like the Club for Growth, is behind this weaponization. So obviously, this isn’t working. Trump is surging, and these incoherent simpletons are imploding.

More Democrat insiders are openly admitting that Joe is done! ABC News’ latest poll showed Trump crushing Biden by 9 points. They wrote, ‘President Joe Biden’s job approval rating is 19 points underwater, his ratings for handling the economy and immigration are at career lows. A record number of Americans say they have become worse off under his presidency, three-quarters say he’s too old for another term and Donald Trump is looking better in retrospect — all severe challenges for Biden in his reelection campaign ahead.’ This is ABC News, the outlet that employs George Stephanopolous, one of the biggest shills for the Democrat Party on the planet!

The Washington Examiner is similarly raising alarms with an article titled ‘Biden Poll Freakout!’ It is another article on Democrat insiders admitting that Biden is done. Political pundits do not expect Biden’s poll numbers to recover with this economy. There is a reason why no president has won reelection when a recession has occurred within the last two years of their time in office. Their poll numbers continue to collapse and no one has won reelection successfully with poll numbers lower than the mid- to high-40s. Obama lowered the threshold to the mid-40s. He was able to pull it off against Romney with around a 45% approval rating.

Biden is in the 30s. At this point, apart from shenanigans that would make 2020 look pristine by comparison, Biden is not getting reelected. More Democrats are admitting that!

Kamala is beyond an embarrassment. Democrats know that if she were the nominee, the party would be wiped out for a generation. It also seems unlikely that Gavin Newsom would be a good challenger. He barely survived a recall effort in one of the bluest states. The Democrats are stuck with a convalescent senile candidate since no alternatives have emerged for them. This explains so much of the conflicting messaging that Joe did nothing wrong and yet he needs to go!

Trump is surging and everyone else is collapsing. 2024 is, currently shaping up to be the greatest populist revolt the world has ever seen. The people are more united than ever before and they are more determined than ever to get rid of the permanent political class. We are the ultimate governors of our own political and economic destiny, not the ruling elites. That ultimately is why every single member of the permanent political class is imploding, and Trump is surging!

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