Rashida Tlaib Has Been CENSURED!

The far-left woke activist Rashida Tlaib is officially censored by the US House. A number of her Democrat colleagues joined in. We are going to see the latest on the censure, we are going to see some of the silliest, most unhinged woke antics that accompanied it, and why a Democrat civil war threatens to split the party for a generation.

– 22 Democrats voted to censure Rashida Tlaib.

– Support for the Democrat party is crumbling in light of Biden’s affiliation with Israel.

– Simultaneously, many Jews are rejecting the democrat party because many vocal protestors and politicians support Hamas.

The ultra-leftist Palestinian congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was officially censured by the US Congress. She is only the 26th congressperson to be censured in the history of our republic. The formal rebuke is in response to Tlaib’s history of making repeated anti-semitic remarks. Her most recent tweet repeated the lines of a chant that declares, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

The problem there is that the river the chant is referring to is the Jordan River, which is the boundary of Israel. The chant, particularly as it’s used by Hamas, is seen by many as a call for the destruction of Israel. So That is what is getting Tlaib in so much hot water, and even with her party. The vote passed with 234 for vs 188 against the censure. The vote for the censure included 22 Democrats. That is perhaps the most shocking development of them all. 22 Democrats shockingly crossed the aisle and voted with Republicans to punish one of their own.

Tlaib and her cultural Marxist allies in the Democrat Party did everything they could to try to make this about race:

Here we are seeing one of the most unhinged rants imaginable. but It is indicative of a very real civil war that’s erupting from within the Democrat Party. The Israeli-Hamas conflict is tearing the Democrat party apart.

Almost immediately after Tlaib was censured, the far-left rose in defiance of their party. MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan took to X and wrote, “10,000-plus Palestinians killed, including 4,000-plus kids, and the U.S. House of Representatives is busy censuring. The only Palestinian-American member. Can’t make this stuff up.”

Marc Lamont Hill, who was fired from his affiliation with CNN because of his incendiary remarks, wrote, ‘Rashida Tlaib SOLD OUT By 22 Congressional Democrats. NAMING NAMES!!!” This pro-Palestinian outrage is only further shocking so many pro-Israeli proponents who up until now have aligned themselves with the political left. We are seeing more and more articles coming out on just how stunned American Jews are by the amount of rabid hatred against Israel that’s coming from the political left.

While Republican voters are overwhelmingly pro-Israel, the situation is very different when it comes to the Democrats. Democrat voters are siding with the Palestinians by an 11-point margin, 49 to 38. What is happening here is a very real break. On one side, Jews and those with pro-Israel sentiments have thus far voted Democrat openly saying that there is no way they’re voting Democrat anymore.

They simply cannot morally justify voting in the same way as those far-leftists who are publicly advocating on behalf of what many believe to be a blatantly murderous and genocidal ideology of Hamas. Jewish leaders are openly saying, they have never seen, in their lifetime, so many Jews expressing how done they are with the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party is now the party of pro-Palestinian activism, so many are outright done with it. Biden and the Democrats are facing a boycott from the pro-Israeli side of the party. Muslim and Arab Americans, who were instrumental in Biden’s support back in 2020 are coming out and openly telling Biden that they will not back him in 2024 because of his blanket support for Israel in the Hamas conflict. NBC News just published a report on Biden’s support among Muslim Americans cratering.

Michigan has one of the highest Muslim populations in the nation. According to a study conducted by Biden’s pollster, while 70% of Muslims voted for Biden in 2020, that support has now plummeted to just 16%. Democrat politicians like Biden may soon find themselves on the wrong side of not one but two boycotts by voter demographics crucial for success in swing states like Michigan. All of this is to say that we continue to see a very real fallout from the Israeli-Hamas war. This fallout risks permanently splitting the Democrat Party for the next generation!

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