Putin Visits North Korea!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently visiting North Korea!

– Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to North Korea, the first by a Russian leader in over two decades, signifies a major diplomatic and geopolitical development.

– Russia and North Korea signed a mutual defense pact, similar to NATO’s Article Five, requiring mutual aid in the event of a military attack.

– Putin’s visit to a Russian Orthodox Church in North Korea, constructed at Kim Jong Un’s request, underscores the cultural and symbolic dimensions of their alliance.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is in North Korea this week, an this is the first official visit to the reclusive nation in over two decades. Putin is of course being greeted with the most extravagant fanfare imaginable in a summit that promises to be of mutual benefit to the two nations.

Already, the two nations signed a mutual defense pact that functions like Article Five of the NATO charter that requires each nation to come to the other’s aid in case of military attack. In many ways, this summit is going far beyond mere militaristic alliances. The visit by Putin is an extension of a previous visit made by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to Russia a few months back when he attended the Eastern Economic Forum. This was Kim Jong Un’s first international trip since 2019, and it underscored the reality of the new multipolar world rising in the East.

With Russia’s help, North Korea is quickly turning from a renegade nation isolated by the international community to a highly relevant nation embraced by and assimilated into the new emerging international community. Transforming Russia into the most sanctioned nation on the planet drove Russia into the arms of other comparably sanctioned nations like North Korea and Iran.

One of the most significant events of this trip, which our legacy media has completely ignored, is Putin’s visit to a Russian Orthodox Church that was built at the behest of Kim Jong Un as a symbol of the alliance between Russia and North Korea. This symbol actually represents the most important takeaway from this summit between Putin and Kim Jong Un. The most important takeaway in all of this is how this meeting actually reveals a fundamentally new world rising.

This new world has effectively put an end to the old modern paradigm of democracy vs autocracy or freedom vs tyranny. That’s an old, out-dated frame that unfortunately continues to pervade our politics here in America. The legacy media is an artifact from the now defunct modern age that is increasingly being replaced by a postmodern age centered around culture, custom, and tradition. That old modern media is obsessed with tainting Donald Trump as a would-be dictator.

We are living in the midst of the rise of a new kind of politics, actually, in many respects, it’s the resurgence of a very old and ancient form of politics. ‘Sacred politics’ where religion and the state are once again overlapping, is the key to understanding what’s happening here. It’s the same key to understanding the rise of Christian nationalism in our country.

The Enlightenment modernist project is waning all over the world. A 300 year political and economic project is imploding and waning. Its unique characteristic of the separation between religion and politics is comparably waning. We are seeing the emergence of this sacred politics in North Korea.

One of the most important studies to come out of late is the book entitled The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why it Matters, written by North Korean scholar Brian Reynolds Myers. Myers argues that North Korean society is not so much a Marxist or communist society, but rather one modeled after the Emperor worship inherited from Japanese Fascism.

Korea was occupied by Japan for most of the first half of the 20th century, and Myers argues that whatever Marxist and communist structures are in place in North Korea, we have to see such structures under the rule of a reigning religious ideology. This would account for the mythology that pervades North Korea of the eternal divine nature of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea.

More scholars are realizing that apart from this political theology and apart from this state-religion of emperor worship, North Korea simply couldn’t exist. It would have socially imploded decades ago. The cult of personality surrounding the ruling Kim dynasty has functioned as a state religion that has successfully regulated the daily lives of North Koreans and has been central to the regime’s survival over all these decades, with no indication whatsoever that survival is coming to an end. This is the politics of a new civilizationalist world that’s rising. This new world is going back to nation, culture, custom, and tradition as the way forward into the future. That is the world, at least in one of its forms, that we are seeing on display this week in North Korea.

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