Putin Just Visited Vietnam!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is changing the world in ways unimaginable! We are going to see what’s happening right now in Vietnam and how Putin’s visit there signals the rising of a new yet radically traditionalist world order that is changing the global map like never before!

– Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Vietnam underscores the strategic partnerships being forged as part of the emerging multipolar world order.

– One notable aspect of Vietnam’s integration into this new world order is its revival of traditional religious and cultural practices.

– The resurgence of traditional practices in countries like Vietnam and the strategic economic moves to de-dollarize trade highlight a significant realignment in global politics and economics, heralding a new era of international relations.

Russian president Vladimir Putin was officially welcomed by Vietnam’s president To Lam in a solemn ceremony in the capital of Hanoi. As with his visit to Pyongyang, Putin’s visit to Vietnam is all about creating a strategic partnership to expand the dominance of the new multi-polar world order that is rising quickly.

It’s being called a civilizationalist world order, a new political order ironically organized around the reawakening of the ancient civilizations! And yes, even Vietnam is a part of this worldwide traditional right trend. Many people don’t know that Vietnam has been going through a massive return to their religious traditions. They are particularly seeing a revival of what’s known as their cult of heroes.

Vietnam differs from other Southeast Asian countries in that there’s a particular devotion to heroes in its political culture and religious system, which fosters a tremendous sense of religious nationalism. The rituals are practiced at the famous Cow Die temple in the city of Tay Ninh. Since the 1980s, the Vietnamese government has increasingly embraced the revival of classical Vietnamese religion and has openly promoted retraditionalization as a powerful political tool of awakening extraordinary national unity.

At the heart of his official state visit was Putin’s call for a transition to transactions in national currencies between Russia and Vietnam in his ongoing quest to de-dollarize the world. This is all part of the blowback against the United States and the collective west in response to the blitzkrieg of sanctions imposed on Russia that weaponized the dollar.

The west weaponized the financial institutions and platforms controlled by the United States to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, such as freezing Russia’s foreign assets. They kicked the Russian central bank off of Swift, the worldwide financial transaction platform, and all that weaponization only ended up inadvertently jeopardizing the status of the dollar as the international default currency.

Because more nations like Vietnam began to realize that if the United States and the Collective West could do that to Russia, then they could just as easily do that to these other nations. This is why more nations, particularly in Eurasia, are turning away from the dollar! It’s now being reported that China’s Yuan has surpassed the dollar in Eurasia. The Yuan is now the top traded currency in the Russian Federation.

A lot of economists are saying that is the beginning of the future. Non-western nations are putting more trust in China than they are in the United States. The big news of late was the recent end of the petrodollar. On June 9th, 2024, the world really changed when the 50 year agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia to price all oil transactions in US dollars officially came to an end.

No one in the American legacy media appears to care about it. The rest of the world certainly took notice, and that’s why it’s being widely reported that even more nations want to join the growing BRICS economic block. Thailand along with a reported 30+ nations are applying for BRICS membership. This is an economic block centered on the original founding members Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

With the recent addition of six new nations, BRICS has transformed into the largest economic and political bloc on the planet. The global GDP-purchasing power parity of the new BRICS+ is now larger than all the nations in the G7 combined. BRICS controls nearly 40% of the world’s GDP, and the bloc now encompasses nearly half of the world’s population.

Among those are now the oil-rich OPEC nations of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the UAE. The BRICS economic union now controls 39% of global oil exports, 46% of proven reserves, and 48% of all oil produced globally. 1 in every 2 barrels of oil produced on the planet comes from a BRICS member nation. Russia and Saudi Arabia alone account for a quarter of the world’s oil production, and Russia and Iran hold the world’s first and second-largest gas reserves in the world respectively.

This is an economic and commodity dominance that was not even imaginable a few short years ago. And as we can see this week, President Putin is extending that dominance by inviting Vietnam into the fold of a new political order that radically diverges from that of the West. At no point in Putin’s visit to either North Korea or Vietnam did he begin lecturing the leaders of those nations. Unlike our so-called leaders, Putin does not run around the world demanding that other nations be more like his.

British Prime Minister David Cameron bragged about his meeting with Putin back in 2013 to discuss the crisis surrounding the civil war in Syria. David Cameron boasted that he used that meeting as an opportunity to confront Putin on LGBT rights. A major geopolitical crisis was unfolding, and the supposed leader of the Conservative Party in the UK uses that crisis as an opportunity to lecture the president of a sovereign nation on why he’s wrong about gay rights!

Putin himself does nothing even remotely comparable to this in his official state visits. He doesn’t lecture nations, he aligns with them. He doesn’t rebuke or reprimand like arrogant aristocrats try to do, he instead enters into strategic partnerships to mutually bolster their positions in the world. He is seeking to awaken a new political order that is based not on the increasingly absurd ideology of Western liberalism, but rather on the cultural foundations of a distinctively civilizational order. As stunning as it may seem, even Vietnam is taking its place in this emerging retraditionalized world that is increasingly becoming stronger!

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