Putin Drops HUGE BOMBSHELL On What’s Next in Ukraine War!!!

-Putin has met with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko

-Ties between Russian and Belarus are rapidly strengthening even further

-The upcoming Russian offensive is brewing and Belarus could play a major role

As Vladimir Putin meets with Belarusian President Lukashenko (accompanied by Lavrov and Shoigu) the possibility of an assault from Belarus on Kiev grows. Meanwhile Russian troop train in Belarus as the two nations grow ever closer together.

Vladimir Putin just dropped a huge bombshell on what’s next for Ukraine! Some military experts expect it to happen any minute now! Why are even globalist liberals signaling that it’s time for NATO and the West to back off and negotiate a peace? Keep reading and find out!

Russian president Vladimir Putin took a rare visit to Belarus to meet with his counterpart President Alexander Lukashenko. Both Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as well as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu were in Minsk ahead of Putin’s arrival. This is all happening as Russian troops are holding training exercises inside Belarus, raising questions as to whether the Belarussian troops will officially join Russia in its military campaign against Ukraine! Now, big picture, my colleague, Conrad Franz, who hosts the podcast World War Now, is noting that what we’re seeing going on here between Russia and Belarus is part of a wider geo-political relationship known as the Union State. This is a treaty that goes back to 1997, when Lukashenko and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed an agreement establishing a union between the two states, Belarus and Russia, and then in 1999, they established an actual Union State. The Union involves coordinating their economic and foreign policies, among other strategic partnerships, which many believe is more or less the precursor to a full reunification at some point in the next couple of decades.

As I said, this Union State alliance goes back to Yeltsin who, ironically of course, oversaw the dissolution of the Soviet Empire, but Yeltsin actually spent much of his time trying to rebuild alliances with the former Soviet Republics. He actively tried to create a Commonwealth of Independent States among the former republics and of course Belarus, and most particularly Ukraine, were considered the two most important regions in that political renewal. Obviously Belarus is fully tied to Russian economic and political interests, and now, with the recent annexation of the four regions in Eastern Ukraine to Russia, five including Crimea, a significant portion of Ukraine has been absorbed into the Russian civilizational sphere. The newly emerging Russian world that IS the single greatest opponent to Western globalism on the planet!

So what’s happening? Well, what appears to be happening with Belarus, at least in terms of the military drills that have been going on there, is that Russia is planning nothing less than inflicting what many believe to be the decisive death blow in this conflict. A new General has been brought in, General Surovikin, and he’s

been dubbed general Armageddon by the Russian media because of his propensity towards brutality in war. He has been brought in to send a clear message that a massive, utterly massive no-holds-barred offensive is coming that is aimed to decisively end this conflict once and for all! So when all is said and done, it looks like we’re just waiting for General Surovikin to give the order to attack! In the meantime, an unrelenting barrage of Russian missiles have been inflicting catastrophic damage to the basic infrastructure of Ukraine, both civilian and military. It’s being reported that Ukrainian command and control is being annihilated: power grids, bridges, roads, the whole transportation infrastructure, even the mayor of Kiev is warning his citizens that they need to be prepared to leave. We’re talking, mass evacuations going westward because there’s simply no guarantee that Russian offenses aren’t going to level the capital city! The Washington Post is admitting that the Ukrainian economy is in absolute ruins, and the fact that everyone is anticipating this massive strike from Russia, of course, is making things all the worse! Here’s colonel Doug MacGregor on what he predicts for the Russian offensive:

Now that last part is obviously key here; 11Putin has been talking a lot about the use of nuclear weapons in this conflict, and what he just had to say is very insightful into what’s happening, you’re not going to want to miss it!

So this is classic standard MAD policy, Mutually Assured Destruction, but clearly the Russians are very concerned that NATO powers are the ones who will strike first. This is because no matter what Russia does, annexation, cutting off the gas and fuel, destroying Ukrainian troops and NATO equipment, even chest thumping its own nuclear arsenal, no matter what Russia does, all Western powers do, particularly in DC and in London, all they do is double-down on Ukraine! And note, it’s not just making sure Russia loses in Ukraine, it’s about destroying Russia in the process, it’s about REGIME change and overthrowing Putin like he’s some third world despot. I’ve even heard people saying that we’re going to chop Russia up into pieces like with the end of the Cold War, and separate it into five separate nations! This kind of rhetoric is insane when directed towards the single most powerful nuclear nation on the planet, a nation that has made it clear that the world would be annihilated before anything like that were to even come close to happening! That’s why globalist figureheads like Henry Kissinger are coming out and saying, guys, the jig is up, it’s time for a negotiated peace, because if you keep going down this trail and nobody blinks, the global consequences could literally be catastrophic!

So obviously we’ll be keeping a very close eye on how things develop here, but it does appear very clear that Russia is going to launch a massive offensive, almost certainly from the north via Belarus, with several hundred thousand troops .aimed to do one thing, and that is bring a decisive end to this horrific and tragic conflict!