Proud Boys Expose Feds Masked as Patriots in Portland

The Proud Boys are back, and they’re better than ever. They exposed a bunch of feds posing as patriots over the weekend! We have new stats showing their ranks are swelling like never before!

– The Proud Boys crush Feds Posing as Patriots!

– As trust in law enforcement crumbles, alternative groups of protection and order like the Proud Boys appear more appealing.

– Americans are looking for alternatives in many areas of life as seen in media, news, education, and purchases.

At a Pro-America rally in Portland over the weekend a group known as Patriot Front showed up and the Proud Boys weren’t going to have any of that! Patriot Front is a front for a bunch of feds and Antifa folk who aim to smear the Patriot militia movement. The Proud Boys turned on them and demasked them, and these Patriot Front fakes ran away! One of them has already been exposed as he was identified as a political science major at a liberal college on a career path toward joining the feds. Adam Kinzinger, the now disgraced anti-Trump former congressman, inadvertently admitted that Patriot Front is a fed operation in one of his characteristically self-owning tweets.

So as you can see, the Proud Boys are back. While they appeared to regress a bit behind the scenes after January 6th, it appears that they are reemerging as a major political force. Even leftwing sites such as Salon are taking notice. The Proud Boys has been a prominent presence at patriot protests all across the nation. From LA to Columbus, Ohio, they’ve provided security for the rallies’ attendees, pushing back against counter-protesters. They’re appearing at school board meetings across the country to offer support and protection for parents who are pushing back against CRT. Police officers in particular have been swelling up the membership ranks of the Proud Boys and other patriots militias across the nation, and this of course is in direct response to the various ways in which the political left has thrown law enforcement under the bus with their pro-BLM and Defund the Police rhetoric and legislation.

The mainstream media has become rather hysterical over this, which is a bit odd. These leftwing activists disguised as journalists have absolutely no problem whatsoever with Antifa and their radically violent activities, and we don’t even need to mention the embarrassing level of shilling that the mainstream media stooped to for BLM when they were burning our cities down to the tune of over $2 billion worth of damage. All this hysteria around the Proud Boys is hypocritically absurd.

NPR shockingly provided some pretty good analysis of the Proud Boys concerning wider political and cultural shifts that are happening here in the States and increasingly around the world. NPR recently featured a piece detailing what they called a ‘massive spike’ of Proud Boys activity, which means that the Proud Boys simply have not seen the kind of setback that many in the media had predicted would happen after January 6th. Instead, they are simply “switching up their organizational style. NOW they are organizing more at a local level, they’re hosting local rallies, or they’re joining into other rallies around political flashpoints like critical race theory or anti-masking.”

This article continues, “The profound shift of America’s political right suggests that the group has found firm footing among a more mainstream audience even with Trump out of office, and it won’t be disappearing anytime soon.” That’s some fascinating analysis in terms of understanding the Proud Boys in relation to a wider shift in America’s politics, and while the NPR analysis focuses on America’s political right, this is arguably a shift in our politics as a whole.

What’s going on here is much bigger than the Proud Boys or right-wing radicalism or racism or any other simplistic explanation that the mainstream media tries to fabricate in an attempt to explain all of this away. What we are seeing is basically a consequence of the implosion of trust in our national public institutions, particularly law enforcement. We have to understand that as crime and societal rot continuously creep over our nation’s urban centers, we are seeing a radical rupture in the confidence that people have in modern law enforcement.

It’s no wonder that more people and increasingly more law enforcement members are looking for alternative and more authentic ways of providing social protection and security. With the increasing implosion in confidence and trust in modern policing and law enforcement, we have to realize that patriot militias become highly attractive alternatives, and they will continue to be so because the defensive and law-enforcement structures that have thus far undergirded our society are clearly beginning to crack.

It’s not just law enforcement, it’s the imploding loss of faith and trust in our politicians and government institutions and our credentialed class, it’s the imploding trust in the mainstream media, it’s an increasing distrust in woke corporations and Big Tech oligarchs. We are seeing hundreds of thousands of parents pulling their kids out of public schools. We are all looking for alternatives, and patriot militias like the Proud Boys provide precisely the kind of alternative security needed amid a loss of confidence in traditional law enforcement structures. That’s why the Proud Boys continue to surge, and that’s why they’re not going away any time soon!

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