Pro-Palestinian Protestors Shout Down Democrat!

Democrat Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey is pathetic, and it looks like more Democrats would agree. Booker gave a speech in Jersey, and he was campaigning on behalf of Democratic candidates running in their local and state elections. The pro-Palestinian crowd began shouting him down, with the chant ‘Ceasefire Now, Ceasefire Now!’

– Crowds shouted Booker down as he advocated for voting on election day.

– Pro-Palestine democrats are abandoning Biden as he supports Israel.

– Palestine supporters are openly advocating against Biden’s 2024 campaign.

Booker tried to make the best of it. He said, “THIS is what makes America great; protest! The freedom to protest!’ And then he started chanting over them, “Column A, all the way,” which refers to the list of candidates for the local and state elections. To add insult to injury, they began blasting the song ‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge, which says “We are family, so shut up! We don’t want to hear it!”

This shouting over a Democrat’s speech is the latest in the massive division that is rising in the Democrat Party. Over the weekend, we saw mass protests break out in front of the White House. Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists surrounded the white house. They shook the gates and vandalized monuments and property. There is no confusion about how these passionate protestors felt about Joe Biden:

This is not the first time pro-Palestinian protestors have done this. Just days ago, the Capitol was shut down by a horde of protestors who stormed the Cannon House Office Building to stage a mass protest in support of Hamas and the Palestinians. The breach into the building was even preceded by a firebrand speech from the ultra-radical pro-Palestinian representative Rashida Tlaib

We are seeing a massive rift within the Democrat Party between competing and incommensurate factions aligned either with Israel or with the Palestinians. Muslim and Arab Americans who were instrumental in Biden’s support back in 2020, are telling Biden that they will not back him in 2024 because of his blanket support for Israel in the Hamas conflict. NBC News just published a report on Biden’s support among Muslim Americans cratering.

According to a study conducted by Biden’s pollster, while 70% of Muslims voted for Biden in 2020, that support has now plummeted to just 16%. This poll is comparable to the latest Zogby poll that also showed support for Biden among Muslims plummeting. Biden’s approval rating among Arab Americans has gone from 74% in 2020 to just 29% according to Zogby. Support for Biden in the upcoming election has dropped from nearly 60% in 2020 to today a mere 17%, marking a 42% decrease since 2020.

A group called the National Muslim Democratic Council demanded yesterday that Joe Biden force Israel into a cease-fire, or else have Muslims work against Democrats in battleground states in 2024. Biden is already suffering politically with Arab Americans. They are ready to mobilize and organize fully to make sure he loses in battleground states like Michigan in 2024. They are not kidding around. They are going to mobilize and actively campaign against Biden and the Democrats if they do not force a ceasefire in the Middle East. Either way, it looks more like the political left is unraveling like what happened during Vietnam. If that’s the case, we should not be surprised if a Republican landslide is right around the corner.

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