Post Debate Polls Continue to Show DEVASTATION for Biden’s Reelection Campaign!

Post-debate polling continues to reflect the public’s growing disgust with Biden’s incompetent performance!

– Recent polls indicate a surge in Trump’s popularity that began before Biden’s debate performance.

– Trump holds a significant lead in Pennsylvania and is competitive in all swing states, tied in Virginia and Minnesota.

– The left is reacting with concern to Trump’s resurgence, especially following the recent debate.

The latest polls post-debate that are coming out now were not all taken after the debate. Many of them are showing a Trump surge that ironically was happening BEFORE the Biden meltdown, such as a poll from New Mexico. Trump is within two of Biden in a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican in decades.

According to the latest Anselm poll, Trump is now beating Biden in New Hampshire 44 to 42. That coincides with some polling that we are getting out of Maine that shows Trump winning 1-2 points within the margin of error with Biden.

Trump is now crushing it in Pennsylvania where he has a four-point lead. He’s leading in all the swing states, is tied in Virginia and Minnesota, and is nipping at Biden’s heels in New York, New Jersey, Washington and Oregon.

Now the national polls are coming out and showing the same thing. The latest poll to drop was the USA Today/Suffolk poll, which has Trump beating Biden nationally by 4. This just corroborates all the other national polls that are showing Trump running away with it here. The latest Harvard/Harris poll that dropped last night has Trump up by 6. When all five candidates are factored in, Trump is ahead by 8. The latest post-debate New York Times poll shows that pre-debate, they had Biden up by 2, 43 to Trump’s 41.

After the debate we are seeing Trump up by 7, 45 to 38. The latest national poll from Atlas Intel, a very accurate polling outlet, currently has Trump now up by over 5, 45.5 to Biden’s 40.3. We all know why the left is freaking out today. The return of Trump, especially after last Thursday night appears inevitable!

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