PARADIGM SHIFT: Gold, Gas, and the End of the Petrodollar

Here at Turley Talks the topic of global realignment, the end of the unipolar moment, and the beginning of a multipolar order with more room for traditional and orderly forms of culture and government is frequently discussed. As Russia shows that military force can be exerted without the approval of the globalist power bloc and still maintain (and in some cases increase) friendship and collaboration with powerful partners, the future of the financial system that tied the globalist world order together is in jeopardy. The petrodollar is the international system by which oil is priced with USD as opposed to other currencies or assets. The mainstream media would dispute this narrative but it is widely understood that part of the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein (and the false accusations of WMD’s in Iraq) was due to Saddam’s purchasing of oil and gas in non-dollars. Since the gold standard was ended in the 1970’s the price of oil per barrel in dollars has undergirded the US dollar as the world reserve currency.

Since the conflict in Ukraine, the Russian ruble fell and then recovered. As of the end of March (2022) the ruble has recovered to pre war levels and is now, according to the Russian central bank, being put back on a gold standard. The ruble is now set at a rate of 5000 rubles per gram of gold with the Russian central bank continuing to expand its gold reserves. This pegging to gold and reclaiming of energy independence has effectively brought the ruble much closer to dollar parity and directly challenged the inflationary fiat used by nearly every other nation. With this stability recovered, the Russians are now responding to sanctions and economic warfare by demanding that their energy be paid for in rubles by “unfriendly countries” (mostly USA, Anglo, and EU countries). Putin has set April 1st as the deadline for ruble payments or else the energy flow will stop. With Russia and Ukraine providing some of the most significant percentages of energy, food, and fertilizer exports this demand is much more of a disruption to the unipolar economic system than Saddam’s attempt in the early 2000’s. Germany and other EU countries responded and said they would not be paying in rubles. Despite this, it appears these nations are shoring up their ruble supplies and purchasing Russian currency. German officials have also made it clear that they are critically low on gas reserves and that the EU will be unable to separate from Russian energy supply lines until at least 2027.

China has only doubled down in its support for Russia both politically and economically (which isn’t a huge surprise as recent Pentagon documents outline a foreign policy openly hostile to Russia and China). India, however, is perhaps even more open and supportive of the Russian Special Military Operation and expanding economic ties with the Russians, much to the chagrin of the US deep state and globalists in Brussels. While Biden is betraying his infantile environmentalist supporters by releasing and increasing strategic energy reserves, the globalist mouthpieces are already projecting food shortages to go with the record levels of inflation being experienced currently in the west. India and Russia have announced their completion of alternatives to the SWIFT system and India will allow Russia to invest in Indian debt and borrow in its domestic market. This is seen as a gesture of goodwill in response to Russia giving India 20-30% discounts on oil as ties increase between the already closely aligned juggernaut economies. Ultimately the US and the west come to a crossroads. Will we double down in our attempt to expand secular/globalist influence and maintain the status quo? Or can we change the current regime in Washington and embrace a new anti globalist order and finally focus on America First? America is a fertile, energy rich land, with an amazing population. We are perfectly capable of becoming great again if we can focus on OUR borders, and OUR people, and OUR traditions. Let’s hope we can get someone who will do such things BACK in office.