Orthodox Church Leading the Charge Against Abortion in Russia

One of the unfortunate legacies of soviet communism in the Russian Federation is abortion. While the Christian Empire of Imperial Russia prior to the revolution in 1917 was staunchly against any such legalization the communists quickly made abortion available to all as well as legalizing sodomy and outlawing the canonical Church entirely. Abortion rates skyrocketed in the soviet union. Thankfully since the resurgence of Orthodox Christianity in Russia the abortion rates have steadily declined, with a near 4% decrease in the number of abortions from 2021-2022. In a recent speech, Patriarch Kirill, Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, stated: “Abortion is a crime…Once Russia convinces its women to stop having abortions, the coming demographic crisis will be averted, population statistics will go up!”

Leading the charge in ending infanticide in Russia is the Crimean peninsula. Recently the close friend of Patriarch Kirill and writer of the most beloved Russian book of the 21st century, Everyday Saints, Metropolitan Tikhon of Pskov, was made Bishop of all Crimea. Met. Tikhon is likely the most famous Bishop in all of Russia and has led initiatives against domestic violence and abortion for years. He was long speculated to be the confessor/spiritual father to President Putin himself but he confirmed that while he knew the President, Putin’s spiritual father is a priest-monk who resides near Valdai Lake and does not speak publicly. Putin recently stated, “the problem of abortion is acute” in Russia and his party is supporting both legislative restrictions as well as pro child and pro family policies meant to incentivize child rearing and encourage women to flee abortion even if their circumstances seem dire. And while certain states now possess total abortion bans thanks to the end of Roe v. Wade, Russia allows abortions only up to 12 weeks nationwide which while still abhorrent, is much less ghoulish than blue state America that demands abortion up to the point of birth (and in some cases afterwards as well).

Crimean health minister Konstantin Skorupsky recently stated that private clinics on the peninsula recently “offered to contribute to improving the demographic situation by giving up providing abortions.” As of Thursday, Nov. 9th, the clinics of Crimea have implemented this measure. Russia is treating this issue both with moral clarity and guidance from the Church on both the evil of abortion as well as care and compassion for imperiled mothers while also making it clear that this is a critical step in reversing the coming demographic winter. Like most European and westernized countries, Russia has a birth rate currently under 2.1 children per woman. This means that without mass migration from overseas, western economies will experience contractions and issues with providing care and funds to their aging population. Russia has made it clear that it also rejects the globalist doctrine of replacement migration and wants a Russian future filled with Russian Orthodox people (not muslims from central asia). Patriarch Kirill recently spoke about this:

It is no coincidence that Crimea is one of the main focal points of this pro life effort. As Russia continues to push in Ukraine and gain new territory, these regions need to be populated with families. Once the war is over and the dust clears the industrial powerhouses of Donetsk and Lugansk, the fertile farmlands of Kherson and Zaporozhye, and the ancient Crimean peninsula all need to be populated and made to thrive with new blood and aborting the next generation will only make that task more difficult. Popular member of the Russian Duma, member of Putin’s United Russia party, and veteran of the SMO in Ukraine Vitaly Milonov has been pushing for the rights of the unborn for over a decade. He recently has pushed for proposals banning abortion outright, banning LGBT propaganda, ending liberal immigration policies, and even retaking the city of Constantinople from the Turks.

Civilizational vision is returning to Russia. Putin recognizes this and has made a point to directly involve the Russian Orthodox Church with the moral direction of his country. Patriarch Kirill recently said that one is not a true Russian if he is not Orthodox while at the same time leading some of the largest missionary efforts overseas in places like India and Africa. The situation in Crimea shows that there is more to the fight against abortion than just banning it. A people that have been inundated with secular, atheistic, feminist propaganda for so long must be slowly brought back into the civilizational fold. The Russian Church and state are engaged in a multi front war not just for the end of abortion and a halt on the demographic winter but for the very soul of every citizen.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at TurleyTalks.

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