Obama’s Personal Chef DROWNS! Story Getting Weird…

On the evening of July 23rd (Sunday), the body of Tafari Campbell, the personal chef of the Obama family, was found drowned after reportedly falling off his paddleboard in a pond on Martha’s Vineyard. The Obama’s initially reported that they were not on the island where their $12M mansion is but later clarified that they were on Martha’s Vineyard, but were simply not at their home when the body was recovered nearby. Why the hesitation?

The story has obviously blown up and conspiracy theories are flying. Comparisons are being made between Democratic mega donor Ed Buck, who was arrested after multiple gay prostitutes were found dead in the midst of a meth fueled extravaganza at his mansion, and even the Clinton’s who are widely believed to have murdered their associate Vince Foster in the DC area to cover up their crimes. They also had a personal chef DROWN under mysterious circumstances in 2015. These similarities to other strange episodes surrounding Democrat royalty have the internet in a storm.

For one there were apparently eyewitnesses to Campbell’s drowning but it took hours for the body to be eventually recovered in relatively shallow water. Campbell was also a fitness buff and had been recorded swimming at a competent level multiple times on his social media. Tafari Campbell was a sous chef at the White House during Obama’s tenure there and was subsequently hired by the Obama family to work for them at their luxurious Martha’s Vineyard compound. Personal chefs often have intimate knowledge of the personal lives of their wealthy clientele. Some analysts have speculated that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s (chef at one point in his life) personal knowledge of certain secrets of certain Russian elites may have helped him survive his “coup” attempt somewhat unscathed.

The Obama’s themselves have been suspicious characters from the get go. Many have pointed out that no authentic photos exist of Michelle Obama pregnant, and that she possesses the traps and back muscles of an NFL linebacker. The proximity of the Obama’s to the Biden’s also cannot be ignored with all of the laptop incrimination as well as the personal diary of Ashley Biden outlining strange and abusive behavior from her father Joe.

Obama’s background as an intelligence stooge placed into the Senate to be propped up as the perfect post modern Presidential candidate to usher in the new globalist American century, has been documented for a while now. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the globalist mastermind who co-founded the Trilateral Commission and has worked tirelessly from the 1950’s until his death in 2017 to spread secular globalism around the world and lead the US into a conflict with Russia and China was one of Obama’s key mentors. He was a supporter of Lyndon Johnson, helped run the Carter White House, and evidence points to him grooming Barack Obama for his role from 2008-2016 while at Columbia University.

These sorts of happenings: secretive violence, assassinations, sexual blackmail, drug abuse, etc. usually follow these “chosen” candidates. They are controlled by their debaucherous and illegal behavior. This is most widely discussed in the context of Jeffrey Epstein and his sexual blackmail scheme (which was most likely being operated and controlled by the Mossad) but it permeates all levels of politics from basic low level state figures blackmailed with photos of them having an affair, to people being spotted conducting bizarre rituals at places like the Bohemian Grove. We do not have the full story about Tafari Campbell yet but it definitely is suspicious. Maybe he knew too much. And if it were anyone besides the media’s beloved Obama’s involved (imagine if this was Trump’s chef), you can be sure it would be all over the TV.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at TurleyTalks.

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