NYC Dems Protest AGAINST Illegal Immigration!

We are currently seeing a political paradigm shift in the making. A massive anti-illegal immigration demonstration is happening in the bluest of blue regions: Manhattan. A place that votes 95% Democrat is tired of their non-responsive, tone-deaf representatives.

– New Yorkers protested against illegal immigration, demanding the closure of the border and the deportation of illegal migrants.

– New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who initially ran on a promise to make the city more welcoming to illegal immigrants, now acknowledges the unsustainability of the sanctuary city policy.

– Growing populist sentiment, both on the left and the right, is challenging open borders policies, reflecting public concerns about immigration and its consequences.

So as you can see, New Yorkers have absolutely had it with illegal immigrants by the thousands swarming their city. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her Democrat colleagues were summarily shouted down by protestors demanding that they close the border and deport illegals from their city and the nation. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has adopted a brilliant strategy of bussing migrants to self-designated sanctuary cities, particularly the city of New York.

This is because New York City has designated itself as a sanctuary city for illegal migrants. That absurdity originally included their new Mayor Eric Adams. He took the insanity to a whole new level. Adams ran for mayor promising to make New York even more of a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. Texas Governor Abbott called him out on it. Mayor Adams is now admitting that the sanctuary city policy is totally and completely unsustainable:

That was a Democrat on the front lines of this crisis, not sequestered like AOC in her Ivory Tower in the DC swamp. According to Democrats on the frontlines like Mayor Adams, illegal immigration is not to be encouraged, it has to be stopped according to Adams otherwise ‘we’re going to lose our city!’ According to Adams, half of Manhattan’s hotels are currently occupied by illegal migrants. Moreover, Mayor Adams has had to inflict a 5% cut from city-funded spending and services to accommodate the illegal migrants.

This is almost completely his fault for running as the sanctuary city candidate but also as a Democrat when federal Democrats are all in on open borders. He has no one to blame but himself. The voters are beginning to turn. Very few issues provoke the ire of voters more than illegal immigration. Studies show that illegal immigration is one of the top issues separating voters from the permanent political class in the US and the UK.

survey by the Chatham House found that while 57% of British elites believed that immigration was always good for Britain, only 25 percent of the general public felt the same way. That’s a massive gap in sentiment between our globalist elites, the permanent political class, and the people, the tax-paying citizens. Elites were twice as likely to reject the notion that immigration increases crime or puts a strain on the welfare system than the general public. Another Chatham House study found that 55% of people across 10 European nations agreed that “all further immigration from Muslim states should be stopped,” the highest stats being from Austria, Hungry, and Poland. Here at home, the majority of the public likens what’s happening at the southern border to an ‘invasion.’ Open borders are only guaranteeing a surge in populist sentiment, on the left and the right. We can only hope that this growing populist sentiment is going to eventually end this insanity once and for all!

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