New Reports Suggest Biden Will Be REPLACED!

Obama sat in shock as Biden incoherently babbled throughout his recent Hollywood fundraiser. The most embarrassing, humiliating image of them all, was Biden being physically led off stage after he clearly froze in front of the audience. This is raising the question: Will Biden be replaced? Will Biden be forced to step aside?

– There is mounting concern among Democrats about President Biden’s fitness for office, particularly given recent high-profile incidents that have amplified perceptions of his cognitive decline.

– Multiple polls indicate that a significant portion of the electorate is concerned about Biden’s age and mental fitness.

– Biden has needed help walking, being at the right place, and appeared to make humiliating blunders several times over the past few weeks.

There is a very real, apparent pattern of concern hitting the headlines as of today including the New York Post. Piers Morgan said, ‘The Obama/Biden arm-grab wasn’t just a senior moment — it was the moment everyone realized the president’s not fit for office.’ And of course, Morgan goes on to say what virtually every single poll out there says: Biden’s age and senility are a concern for the vast majority of the nation.

That concern is now terrifying Democrat operatives, especially those in the legacy media. The Washington Post recently published a piece titled ‘Democrats are wrestling with an age-old problem: perhaps Hillary can come to the rescue!’ The Hill said, ‘If Biden doesn’t ace the first debate he may be replaced at the convention.’ The Boston Herald wrote, ‘Could Democrats be secretly plotting to replace Joe Biden?’

Business Insider published a piece titled, ‘Here are 7 democrats who can replace Biden if he drops out of 2024!’ The Daily Mail wrote a piece called, ‘Secret Democrat Plot to replace Biden revealed!’ In short, as of today, the Replacement Theory is taking on a whole new meaning. There’s no question that desperation has marked the mainstream media’s attempts at gaslighting what we are seeing with the President over the last two weeks. Biden looked like he pooped his pants at the D-Day ceremonies in France. He needed to be physically redirected by Italy’s Giorgia Meloni at the G7. And now he was physically led off the stage by Obama at a Hollywood fundraiser.

There is no question that more pundits are openly admitting that Biden has an age problem. The Democrats in the legacy media know this, which is why they are spending so much energy lying to us. They are trying to gaslight us into thinking we are not seeing what we obviously are seeing. They know if most voters believe Biden has dementia he is not getting reelected.

They are doing everything they can to get us to believe them over our own eyes, and it is obviously not working. The proof of that is not just the polls. We are seeing more reports coming out openly admitting that the Democrats are desperately trying to do something to stop this train wreck from happening in November. Biden’s approval rating is consistently in the mid-30s. No one has been reelected with approval ratings in the 30s.

According to Nate Silver of Project 538, the primary reason why Biden’s approval rating is so low is because of his age. To the extent that Biden’s low approval ratings are tied to his cognitive decline, there’s not going to be any real change. There are now more reports that Democrat operatives are looking for ways to get rid of him and replace him with someone more politically viable. The Daily Mail is reporting that Democrat strategists are openly talking about Plan B if Biden blows the upcoming debate next week.

If Biden comes across as senile and confused, they are even now mobilizing the four key figures of the Democrat Party, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, to unanimously come together to convince Biden’s handlers that he needs to step aside for someone else. Columnist Joe Klein is openly saying that the Democrats need to find an anti-Biden: someone young and vigorous who could inspire the nation with Obama-like oratory. The Democrats have planned to nominate Joe Biden formerly as their candidate virtually, before the Democrat Convention.

The excuse for that was so that they could nominate him before the Ohio deadline in early August to be placed on the ballot. The convention is after the deadline, so Democrat operatives decided to have a virtual nomination process beforehand. But the Daily Mail is saying that there’s a whole other reason for the virtual nomination process, which would be to make it easier to nominate someone else without all the drama and debate and unrest that would accompany that process were it done at the convention.

Even with more calls to replace Joe, there are more revelations that this would be almost impossible at this point. We are just about 30 days away before the whole election process begins in terms of printing ballots, putting names on ballots, and the nominees registering as the official candidate. Once that process begins, more pundits are admitting that it will be virtually impossible to replace Sleepy Joe. It looks like the Democrats are stuck with him, and thereby they are comparably stuck with the results come November!

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