New Polls are DEVASTATING to Biden!

Harry Enten of CNN just said that he has never seen numbers this bad for an incumbent president! We are now getting a sense of the fallout of the Biden debate demolition, and it is absolutely devastating. We’re going to see the latest polls and we are going to see precisely why the panic for the Democrats is just getting started!

– The current political climate is indeed turbulent, especially following the recent debate that has led to widespread doubts about President Joe Biden’s capacity to continue serving as president.

– The recent Time Magazine cover and the latest polling data reflect an increasing sense of urgency and panic within the Democratic Party and legacy media.

– 72% of voters believe Biden lacks the mental and cognitive health necessary to serve, including 41% of Democrats and 80% of Independents.

The latest cover from Time Magazine shows that the Democrats and the legacy media are in an open panic.

They are not even hiding it at this point. The legacy media is sending an absolutely unambiguous directive to the DNC: ‘You gotta replace this guy!’

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld said it brilliantly: “Remember: the media democrat complex is reacting in horror over Joe’s condition not because they saw it – it’s because you saw it.” The post-debate polls are out and they are absolutely brutal. The new CBS/YouGov poll that just came out post-debate has been called ‘jaw-dropping’ by The New York Post. An astonishing 72% of voters do not believe that Joe Biden has the mental and cognitive health necessary to serve as president.

Over 51 million people watched the debate and it was CNN’s highest rated event ever. The damage here appears to have reached the level of mass destruction. 72% of voters across the country now believe that Biden is mentally and cognitively unfit to serve as president. That includes 41% of Democrats and an astonishing 80% of Independents.

81% of Latino voters think Biden needs to leave the race. The general election polls coming out post-debate are devastating. The latest New York Times poll shows that pre-debate, they had Biden up by 2, 43 to 41. After the debate, Trump is up by 7, 45 to 38. The latest national poll from Atlas Intel shows that the national average has Trump now up by over 5.

The under-30 vote has Trump leading by 14 points, with Bobby Kennedy in second place, with 28%. Biden has fallen into third place with the under 30 vote. The latest Data for Progress poll, which is a Democrat polling outlet, had Biden up over Trump before the debate 47 to 46. Now, post-debate, Trump leads Biden 48 to 45.

68% of independents thought Trump won the debate hands down. We even have this from the Democrats’ favorite media outlet Politico: ‘Democrat-leaning voters less likely to choose Biden after debate, survey finds.’ This is a poll that found that the debate is causing Biden to lose the ‘Democrat leaners,’ who are Independents who tend to vote Democrat. Biden is significantly plummeting in support for all the major groups that he depends on. Things are only going to get worse for him as we get closer to the election and he continues to appear sad and aged.

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