NEW Poll Has Democrats PANICKING As Trump Has More Support Than Ever!

The ultra-leftist Doris Kearns Goodwin, a Marxist media darling, openly sounded the alarm that unless they throw everything they have at Trump, he’s going to win 2024.

– The NYT/Siena Poll, showing Trump and Biden tied at 43%, is particularly alarming for liberals as Trump has historically polled lower and never led an NYT/Siena poll before.

– The mainstream media orchestrates talking points to deceive the public into believing that political powers act in their favor, masking the interests of the permanent political class.

– Despite establishment efforts, Trump’s chances of winning the White House again appear stronger than ever.

Doris Kearns Goodwin gave away more than she realized here. The phenomenon known as virtual politics is a deceptive perception of the political order pushed by the legacy media that fabricates the notion that our politics are perfectly moral, fair, and democratic and that we’re always a nation that abides by the rule of law. In reality, everything in our political life operates in accordance with what benefits the permanent political class. That, in a nutshell, is virtual politics.

It is claimed that Russian Collusion is true information, while Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian Disinformation. Burning down cities across the nation is a ‘legitimate’ expression of democratic concerns, while a group of unarmed protestors storming the capitol building is the single greatest threat to our republic since 9/11. Hillary Clinton’s deleting classified and subpoenaed emails was a simple and understandable mistake, while President Trump’s handling of supposed classified information is the single greatest national security threat we’ve ever faced. These narratives are all virtual politics.

The mainstream media reads off a script of deliberately orchestrated talking points that frame our politics to intentionally deceive us into believing that the powers-that-be are working on our behalf when in reality they are always working on behalf of the values, interests, and concerns of the permanent political class. What Doris Kearns Goodwin just said there was that the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy were all supposed to turn their backs on Trump after J6. That is what the script read. The leadership of the GOP was supposed to formally disavow and turn their backs on Trump. They wanted there to be no way he would ever get nominated again.

According to Kearns Goodwin, they didn’t deliver on their assigned roles of controlled opposition. For example, right after the latest sham J6 impeachment, hours after Jack Smith handed down another impeachment, every member of the Alabama Republican House delegation unanimously endorsed Trump. This is what Kearns Goodwin is freaking out over. What we are seeing unfolding was not supposed to happen. Trump is coming back.

This panic is exactly what Brian Cates at the Epoch Times is mocking the media for. They literally can’t believe that Trump is coming back stronger than ever. He writes, “Right now, Donald J. Trump’s opponents can’t quite believe what they’re seeing. Just months ago, the “Swamp” denizens of Washington were breathing sighs of relief. They had done it! They had defeated the awful Trump, handed the White House to Joe Biden, and could now begin implementing all their cherished plans for a post-Trump America. And then an amazing thing happened. A twice-impeached former president who had supposedly incited an “insurrection” at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 has returned—and he’s looking stronger than ever.”

This is what’s freaking the likes of Doris Kearns Goodwin out so much. She and our elite establishment simply can’t believe that Trump is coming back stronger than ever, and now they are saying that they will have to fortify the election. She said, “WE are going to have to mobilize at every level of society to stop Trump!” This is why the British sociologist Colin Crouch calls our time a post-democratic age, where political decision-making is increasingly removed far away from the people and increasingly recalibrated around a tiny group of political elites. Unfortunately for the corrupt hacks like Kearns Goodwin, it looks like all of their efforts may be too little too late.

The establishment is looking at the numbers, and they’re reluctantly recognizing that Trump is better poised than he’s ever been to win the White House. He’s standing in a stronger position than he did in 2016 or 2020. They’re most particularly freaked out over the latest NYT/Siena Poll that just came out. This poll showed that Biden and Trump are now officially tied at 43% each. Trump has never been above 41% in an NYT/Siena Poll in 2016 or 2020, and he never led an NYT/Siena poll. Now he’s polling at 43, and tied with Biden.

The problem here for liberals is that the same polling methodology is being used. They can’t point to different survey methods to account for this polling discrepancy; it’s the same method, sampling, and weights, but they’re getting radically different results. While Trump is gaining in almost every demographic across the board, Biden is imploding. Biden is down 30 points with non-white working-class voters. He’s down three with Latino voters. Trump is now winning the Latino vote. There is an astonishing shift happening toward Trump; a double-digit swing towards Trump over Biden since 2020, and Democrats like Kearns Goodwin are now openly saying that they need to mobilize every level of society to stop Trump. But it looks like it’s too late! The Trump train is steamrolling ahead, and the Democrats’ nightmare scenario looks like it’s about to become terrifyingly real!

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