NEW POLL: Americans REJECT LGBT Propaganda!

If seeing the rainbow flag draped across the White House was disconcerting for you, this video is going to make your day! We have a brand new study that has just come out surveying various groups among our population to see how many of us believe there are two and only two genders, and the results are going to absolutely blow you away!

-The American people are TURNING AGAINST Homosexual Propaganda!

-New polling shows dramatic shifts in the past few years AGAINST LGBT nonsense

-The new conservative age is, indeed, rising!

We have some stunning new polling coming from the Public Religion Research Institute, now if you don’t know, the PRRI, the Public Religion Research Institute is a very liberal institute. They are a radical leftwing activist organization and YET, even THEY recognize that something is happening in our culture; they were utterly shocked by what they found in their latest polling and their sounding the alarm among their woke leftist ilk! They are now recognizing, to their horror, that the political and cultural landscape is shifting, and this is key, it’s shifting across the board, and it’s shifting dramatically away from the sentiments of the woke left, particularly when it comes to attitudes acceptable among trans activists!

According to data published in their latest report, the Public Religion Research Institute found that the percentage of the population that believes there are only 2 genders has actually increased, it’s gone up over the last two years, and it’s increased across the board! In other words, it’s not just white evangelicals or Republicans that are more inclined to say there are only 2 genders, it’s Gen Zers, it’s millennials, its blacks, its Latinos! We’re talking across the board here! Here’s some stats for you: in 2021, 86 percent of white evangelicals believed there were only 2 genders. Today, that number has increased to 92 percent! Alright, so enough of you sky-is-falling doom and gloom naysayers who think the church is falling apart; the number of white evangelicals affirming only 2 genders has actually gone up! BUT that same kind of increase is evident even among the religiously unaffiliated: according to this study, those who claim to be religiously unaffiliated have gone from 38 percent affirming only 2 genders back in 2021, to now upwards of 46 percent today, a near 10 point increase! But we’re just getting warmed up here; we’re seeing an even more dramatic surge among Gen Zers, those around the ages of 18 to 24 or so; the percentage of Gen Zers who believe there are only 2 genders has increased from 43 percent in 2021 to now an astonishing 57 percent today! Nearly 6 in 10 Gen Zers believe there are only 2 genders! This is corroborated by studies that have found that Gen Zers are the most conservative generation we have to date in the last hundred years or so!

They’re being called the Jordan Peterson Generation, and what we’re finding is that Gen Zers hate, they literally despise political correctness and wokeness! For Millennials, the increase is similar; they’ve gone from 51 percent affirming 2 genders back in 2021 to 60 percent today! But guess what? Even among Democrats, DEMOCRATS the percentage of those affirming only two genders increased from 38% in 2021 to 44% today! Democrats are seeing an increase in so-called anti-trans affirming views, that was the conclusion of this study from this leftwing organization! Now this study is coming out at around the same time the new Gallup poll is being published on transgender attitudes.

According to the Gallup poll conducted in May of 2023, 69 percent of respondents, 7 in 10, believe that athletes should only be allowed to compete based on their gender assigned at birth. In other words, 7 in 10 respondents believe that athletes should compete based on their biological gender, not their self-identified gender! Now, that’s an impressive majority for sure, but when compared with the same poll taken two years ago, back in May of 2021, we find that there’s been a noticeable seven-point shift in the direction towards biological gender! Back in 2021, 62 percent of respondents held that athletes should only be allowed to compete based on their gender assigned at birth, 6 in 10, now it’s 7 in 10! And so, according to Gallup, there is clear decline in support for transgender athletes even among respondents who reported personally knowing a transgender individual. Back in 2021, 40 percent of those who knew personally a transgender individual supported their competing in athletics based on their self-identified gender, but today, that number has dropped to 30 percent, so now, only 30 percent of those who know personally a transgender person think they should compete based on their self-identified gender.

So these findings clearly underscore what many are noting is nothing less than a growing resistance to transgender athletes participating in women’s sports. And this growing opposition is starting to make its way into governing sports bodies! Most recently, the World Athletics Council, the governing body for international track and field competitions, has announced that they have officially barred all transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports competition. And that decision came on the heels of a comparable decision from the swimming world’s international governing body known as FINA, which stands for the International Swimming Federation. Some months back, they decisively ruled that post-pubescent biological males would be banned without exception from competing in women’s swimming competition. So clearly, the tables are turning, as it were, on trans activism. And as we’re seeing with the extraordinary success of the Bud Light and Target boycotts, along with this latest polling from the Public Religion Research institute, this table-turning goes way beyond athletic competition! It’s going to the very heart of what it means to be a man and a woman; the number of people affirming only two genders is increasing, not decreasing, in total opposition to the sentiments that woke Inc and trans activists have been doing everything they possibly can to foster and cultivate! Like I’ve argued consistently now for the last 6 years, the world is moving away from the woke left and is more and more embracing a far more conservative, traditionalist conception of life. Yes, it’s frustrating, frustratingly slow and often bewildering, but make no mistake; a new conservative age is on the horizon, and there’s nothing the left can do to stop it!

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