New Militia EXPLODES to Over 50K Members!!!

We have a brand-new patriot militia group exploding across the nation, and it has leftist liberals petrified! We’re going to take a look at this soaring membership and we’re going to see how it’s all par for the course in a new era of surging citizen militias; you’re NOT going to want to miss this!

-Ammon Bundy’s new militia is EXPLODING!

-They have already taken over dozens of county positions across the nation!

-What does this mean for the future of law enforcement in America?

The ultra-leftist Atlantic recently published a rather panicked piece on the extraordinary rise of a new patriot, or what they call a new ‘far-right, extremist’ militia group, known as People’s Rights, a civilian-based first-responder organization that has absolutely surged in membership across the nation! It was founded by Ammon Bundy in rural Idaho back in March of 2020, you’ll know Bundy from the standoffs he had with federal agents in Nevada and Oregon over private property rights and federal jurisdiction, and he founded People’s Rights to function like a quote ‘neighborhood watch on steroids’ a group that would mobilize to respond to a range of threats, “from your business being looted downtown to [Child Protective Services] trying to take your child.” Well Ammon appears to have been rather prophetic. Just a couple weeks after starting People’s Rights, the George Floyd riots swept across the nation, as politicians in both parties defended the rioters and deliberately abdicated their law enforcement responsibilities. And all of this was happening, of course, against the backdrop of draconian covid restrictions that quarantined tens of millions in their homes. You’ll recall that these were the restrictions that had health care workers call patriots protesting these lockdowns, bioterrorists and super-spreaders all the while those same health care workers gave BLM rioters standing ovations!

Well, as it turns out, this combination of covid and chaos exploded the membership rolls of People’s Rights, as any reasonable person would expect! By some estimates, People’s Rights now has over 50 thousand members and are represented in all 50 states; here’s a video they put together that captures the ethos of what they’re about:

Quite the dramatic video, showing scenes from the societal chaos of BLM and Antifa-infested Democrat cities together with scenes suggesting a growing tyrannical government! And those twin dynamics are key to understanding what’s happening here with the astonishing growth of People’s Rights; even the Atlantic article is recognizing that. They recognized that what unites People’s Rights activists is a sense that society had lost its bearings: Traditional policing is no longer reliable for maintaining freedom, and a continuum of government overreach now threatens us. You combine those two dynamics: social turmoil and state tyranny, and you’re going to get something exactly like People’s Rights! And the speed and rapidity of its growth and popularity only further testifies to its widespread appeal! In fact, People’s Rights is being compared to a kind of like an Uber for militias! If you’re in need of anything, you can text a number and the closest militia group will come to your aid within minutes! It’s astonishing stuff! It’s nothing less than a parallel police force for a parallel society! And NOW? Now that they’re mobilized with tens of thousands of members, People’s Rights are starting to run for office! And THIS is where things get really exciting!

People’s Rights are now running candidates for office all across the country, they’ve organized, they’re creating a parallel society, and now it’s time to move in, as it were, and restore order to an increasingly failed system! The ultra-leftists over at Mother Jones actually flipped out that Ammon Bundy came in third in the Idaho governor’s race, getting over a hundred thousand votes! That’s nearly 20 percent of the total vote in Idaho! But again, this is just par for the course in what we’re seeing among patriot militias and their increasing political involvement; there have been a number of articlesreporting on a number of counties in California, where what they call far-right militias are actually taking over the highest political offices in the counties. In Shasta County, about three hours north of Sacramento, patriot militias have organized voters to recall RINOs from office, as well as take over a number of boards of supervisors. 

Back in 2020, Politico ran an article entitled ‘How the Oath Keepers are quietly infiltrating local government’; the article highlights Hood County, Texas, which is a good conservative community outside of Fort Worth, and the article zeros in on their constable, constables in Texas are akin to sheriffs, they’re elected to office once every four years. And the constable of Hood County turns out to be a proud and very open member of the Oath Keepers! And he’s not alone, there are actually several Oath Keepers who hold office in Hood County, particularly law enforcement offices. Again, you can see the pattern here: if you have a breakdown in society, a deliberate abdicating of law enforcement responsibilities at the same time your authorities push more and more tyrannical and draconian measures, citizens are going to rise up and fill the gap, as it were. And what is that gap? The restoration of law and order so that good things can run wild! That’s the beauty of American liberty in its ideal form; law and order which allows good citizens to live freely, without coercion! And that’s exactly the society that patriots like People’s Rights are defending and prospering!