New Mexico Governor’s Gun Ban IMPLODES!

Governor of New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham reacts while addressing a Democratic Party of New Mexico campaign rally featuring U.S. President Joe Biden in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S., November 3, 2022. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The constitutional insanity of the New Mexico gun ban shouldn’t have lasted a second. We are going to see how this New Mexico governor’s executive order has just imploded, and we are going to see why the Second Amendment today is stronger than ever!

– New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham is revoking her previously unconstitutional gun ban order following a federal judge’s ruling against it.

– CNN, in a rare move, questioned the governor’s actions and recognized the importance of the Second Amendment as a constitutional right.

– CNN’s scrutiny of the governor’s actions reflects the division and controversy surrounding gun control issues and their potential political consequences.

The New Mexico governor who wanted to play dictator has finally buckled. Just days after a federal judge struck down the New Mexico governor’s gun ban as blatantly unconstitutional, she is officially revoking the order. They are significantly slimming the order down. She is narrowing the gun ban to the point of total irrelevance. The simple fact in all of this, even the gun-grabbing advocate Geraldo Rivera admitted, no one is going to enforce this. This governor, Michelle Grisham, is all alone on this. She’s found herself completely isolated and alienated.

Even CNN couldn’t spin this one in her favor. The leftwing activists disguised as journalists at CNN gave this governor the most sympathetic, softball interview imaginable. Even then they asked what she was doing and didn’t believe she could win this.

We may do a double-take after seeing that someone at CNN was interested in the Constitution. It’s fascinating, as you heard in the line of questioning at the beginning of the video, that this CNN anchor referred to abortion as a constitutional right which is no longer true. Roe v. Wade was overturned, so abortion is a matter for the states and the consent of the governed. It is officially no longer a recognized constitutional right at the federal level, so unsurprisingly CNN remains confused over this. The Second Amendment, however, is explicitly a constitutional right, and it is great that CNN is recognizing that. They referenced the Bruen decision. The Bruen Decision comes from June of last year. It involved the state of New York, where officials were trying to require gun owners to show “proper cause” to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home. The 2nd amendment clearly states that American citizens have the right to bear arms, which means that we have a constitutional right to carry guns. The Democrat monopoly in New York didn’t think so. The Supreme Court stepped in and, in a 6 to 3 ruling, struck down the law as blatantly unconstitutional.

The court agreed that the only person, according to the 2nd Amendment, who should decide what the proper cause is for carrying a concealed weapon is the person bearing it. That’s what ‘shall not be infringed’ means. The Bruen decision has been freaking out liberals ever since, and that’s because it is officially overturning all of these lower court decisions that were upholding restrictive permit requirements for concealed gun carry. This is why CNN is telling this governor that this ban isn’t going to hold up under that judicial scrutiny. That is why no sheriff or state DA is going to enforce this.

But as you may have figured, something else is animating CNN here. They don’t care about the constitution. They only care about leftwing power. This is what explains why this anchor at CNN was so tough in her questioning. Nothing has the power to galvanize both red-state and blue-state voters into a unified blowback like gun rights. Gun rights transcend red and blue states like few other issues. Many Democrats are gun owners, and they don’t want laws that penalize gun owners. Blue state Democrats are often just as insistent on gun rights and the Second Amendment as any red state.

Gun control grabs end up splitting the Democrats while uniting Republicans. That’s why they almost always fail, and it’s why laws that loosen restrictive gun laws almost always pass. All of this hysteria only ends up backfiring on the woke left, and that’s why CNN did what it did with this constitutionally illiterate governor. This was a great day for the Second Amendment and a great day for the Constitution!

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