New FREEDOM Rally STORMS Across Canada!!!

The astonishing patriot activist Kamel El-Cheikh is leading millions of Canadians. A massive new patriot movement is sweeping across the nation, and it has the woke leftists across the Great White North terrified! We’re going to see the latest on the astonishing one million march for children and how it reveals a new and growing massive coalition that promises to end wokeness once and for all.

– On September 20th, Canada witnessed the “1 Million March for children,” organized by patriot activist Kamel El-Cheikh, aiming to address concerns about radical LGBT ideology being taught in Canadian schools.

– Tens of thousands of parents from various religious backgrounds, including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and Hindus, united to oppose woke ideologies in Canadian education.

– Religious conservative parents are pushing back against attempts to influence their children’s values, as secular liberals have fewer children and increasingly influence public education.


On September 20th, the 1 million march for children began in Canada. The organizer for this national event is the amazing patriot activist Kamel El-Cheikh. He has worked tirelessly to spread the word, organize, and assemble millions of Canadians concerned about the massive gap between their values, standards, and principles and what’s being forced on their children through the very Canadian schools they pay for with their tax money. And so parents are assembling by the tens of thousands in every city in every province of Canada today to protect their children from radical LGBT ideology being taught in Canadian schools! Here’s a sampling of what some of these patriot parents had to say:

This massive national protest storming across Canada is made up of a coalition of both Muslims and Christians as well as Sikhs and Hindus who are rising together in a common cause to destroy wokeness once and for all. It’s very similar to what’s been happening here in the States, where the first all-Muslim city council in Hamtramck, Michigan, in a unanimous vote, officially banned the LGBT pride flag from being flown on all city property. It was a stunningly brazen act that shook the woke left because it happened in a district that votes 70% Democrat. A new coalition is forming that is upending the politics that have dominated North America now for the last few decades.

It is a growing coalition that scholars such as Eric Kaufmann of the University of London have been predicting will be the new governing majority in the West in a matter of another decade. This is because religious conservatives are outproducing secular woke liberals. Secular woke liberals have mostly stopped having kids. This is why they are increasingly assuming ownership over ours. They don’t need to have their kids when they’ve got eight hours a day with our kids in their public schools. As you can see, the more the secular left tries to assert its control over our kids, the more conservative religious parents are pushing back. The woke left is facing the problem because they’re not reproducing themselves. There are increasingly becoming significantly more conservative religious parents than them. If that demographic calculus holds, what we are seeing today awakening throughout Canada, really is just the beginning. Canadian patriots are indeed rising!

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