New Data PROVES People Moving to Red States ‘OVERWHELMINGLY’ Vote REPUBLICAN!!!

Florida governor Ron DeSantis turned heads last week when he confirmed that the overwhelming majority of people moving from blue states to red states are registering Republican! Countless people have left their leftwing states and are ready to embrace the conservatism of flourishing states like Florida and Texas. It’s clear now more than ever that blue states don’t work for anyone and are the reason why millions of people today are flocking to freely governed red states!

While it’s great to see people fleeing blue states, it makes many wonder if this mass migration will ultimately turn red states into blue states. After all, aren’t these transplants bringing their leftwing politics with them? This has been a hot topic within the state of Texas now that so many transplants from California end up within the lone star state. However, we now actually have some serious data that gives a clearer understanding of what to expect in terms of the political ramifications of this mass migration!

So, first, let’s look at the migration trends that are happening right now as we speak. The amount of people leaving blue states is utterly astonishing! It’s happening at such an incredible rate that a new term is being coined to describe this migration; they’re being called ‘Leftugees’! Leftugees are rapidly fleeing blue states and counties seeking out solid red ones. According to the US Census Bureau, the top five states seeing a mass exodus are all Democrat-controlled: California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Illinois. Together these states have lost a combined 4 million residents between 2010 and 2019! A recent study by U-Haul reported that the top five states to see the most significant influx of new residents include the Republican-led states of Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, and Arizona! Also according to the US Census, California has been one of the worst to see this flight of leftugees from its borders. When comparing the number of people moving into California with those excitedly leaving its failing cities, we see that, on average, every year one hundred thousand more Californians are moving out than moving in! Even the woke warriors of Hollywood are leaving the city in droves! The Daily Mail is calling it ‘Hollywood’s Apocalypse’! Managers of moving and storage companies confirm that there is a mass exodus from Hollywood going on as we speak. People leave in droves and move to places like Nashville because Tennessee is the political opposite of liberal leftwing California.

Things are just as bad in New York, particularly New York City, which is spiraling out of control and is going into a full-blown death spiral! CNBC reported some months back that the Coronavirus epidemic was causing New York’s wealthy to leave the city. They take their families and their money and move to the surrounding suburbs to escape the crowded lifestyle that became such a hotspot for the Coronavirus. It’s important to remember that this mass exodus was already going on before the Coronavirus! A Bloomberg article from 2019, talking about the flight from New York City, estimates that people are relocating out of New York City at the rate of more than 300 per day! And so it’s no wonder that, with the 2020 Census, political power is shifting southwards to Republican strongholds.

States like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina, three states that voted twice for President Donald Trump, gained a combined four seats in Congress because of population growth! This growth awards them as many new votes in the electoral college for the next presidential election as Democratic-infested Hawaii has in total! We’ve just offset the Blue state of Hawaii with these new electoral votes!

We also now have some data to shed some light on the worry that many share about mass migration creating a shift in red states as refugees bring their left-wing politics. Several polls have been conducted on blue state ex-pats who have moved mainly from California to Texas. Back in 2013, a poll found that California arrivals were 57 percent conservative compared to 27 percent liberal. In 2018, when Senator Ted Cruz ran against the ultra-left clown Beto O’Rourke, ironically a Texas native, exit polling data found that native Texans were more likely to vote for O’Rourke than were the transplants! The leftugees favored Cruz by 15 points, whereas native Texans favored O’Rourke by 3 points! Given that Cruz only won by 2.6 percent of the vote,  if it weren’t for the leftugees, Beto O’Rourke would be the senator of Texas right now!

Moreover, in January of 2020, a poll conducted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation found that out of 800 registered voters in Texas, native Texans supported Trump over Hillary by 7 points. In contrast, the leftugee transplants supported Trump over Hillary by 12 points! This is why pundits are more and more realizing that the mass migration to red states like Texas is only ending up making these states redder, not less! Moving takes time and effort and involves lots of stress, and what we’re finding is that the people who are moving to red states like Texas are fed up with their blue state politics! They’ve had it, and they’re leaving, as stressful and time-consuming as that may be.

We are seeing a genuine political realignment going on in our nation, where red states are not just getting bigger or growing in population. They are becoming significantly redder at the same time! Blue states are dying, and red states are thriving both economically and politically! This is an amazing development in the political realignment of our nation, and it promises to make our nation far more conservative in the years and decades ahead!