NATO Calls on Ukraine to SURRENDER!

As Zelensky goes into full dictator mode, indefinitely suspending all elections, NBC News is reporting that US and European officials are calling on Zelensky to end the war and negotiate a peace, which is going to require him to give up 20% of Ukraine that has now been officially annexed into Russia.

– Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the spring ended in disaster, with Russian forces annexing Ukrainian territory.

– Zelensky, concerned about losing financial support, has suspended elections in Ukraine and is promising to pay the money back after a “victory” over Russia.

– The globalist liberal international order faces challenges, as NATO officials inadvertently admit the loss of the Ukraine war signifies a loss for the liberal world order.

These last several months of death and destruction have seemingly been for nothing. Several months ago, Israel’s former prime minister Naftali Bennett, claimed the United States and the UK “blocked” an agreement last year to end the war in Ukraine. There was a peace deal that was being brokered by President Erdogan of Turkey, and Zelensky looked like he was going to go along with it. According to Colonel Douglas Macgregor’s analysis, that is all Putin ever wanted all along.

He moved his troops in to force Zelensky to the bargaining table to force Zelensky into an officially recognized neutrality on Ukraine about NATO. That agreement was reportedly crushed by then-UK prime minister Boris Johnson. Boris personally flew out to Kyiv to meet with Zelensky to convince him to drop all negotiations with Russia and work with NATO to ultimately overthrow the Putin regime.

Russian forces only ended up taking more Ukrainian territory, and have since annexed 5 Ukrainian regions as a permanent part of the Russian Federation with Ukraine only having hundreds of thousands of soldiers to show for it. Ukraine’s much-touted counteroffensive was all we were hearing about for months last spring. That offensive, which was launched at the beginning of June, was an abject disaster by all accounts.

The Russian frontlines in Ukraine are, according to our good friend Col. Douglas MacGregor, the most fortified area on the planet. There has never been any way for Ukraine’s already radically depleted and spent forces to break through those lines. The casualties suffered by Ukrainian forces were catastrophic. The average age of a Ukrainian soldier right now is 43. We got glimmers of this inevitability over the last few months. In August, after it was clear that the counter-offensive had failed miserably, a NATO official openly admitted that Ukraine would most likely have to cede territory to Russian forces if they were ever going to plausibly end up joining NATO.

It was a shocking admission made by the chief of staff for NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He said, “I think that a solution could be for Ukraine to give up territory, and get NATO membership in return.” He was severely reprimanded for having said it, but as it turns out, according to this NBC report that is exactly what NATO officials are now saying to Zelensky.

Zelensky isn’t taking this well. Zelensky appears to have gotten addicted to the free money he’s been getting, and he’s worried it is about to dry up. Here’s the new offer he gave to NBC’s Meet the Press:

Now he is promising to pay the money back after they ‘win’ the war with Russia. It is now being widely reported that Zelensky has indefinitely suspended all elections in Ukraine. After jailing his political opponents, banning opposition parties, and jailing Orthodox priests, he is now suspending presidential elections.

It appears to be the case that NATO wanted to use Ukraine as a sacrificial lamb to bring about what they thought would be the downfall of the Putin regime. The Putin regime and his project of civilizational renewal, not just in Russia, but throughout the world, was the biggest obstacle to globalist expansion. This has never been about Ukraine. This has always been about DC and Brussels maintaining and defending the liberal international order against its most prominent opponent, Vladimir Putin.

Over these last several months, the hopes of regime change in Russia are increasingly futile. That is because the globalist liberal international order is over. A new conservative civilizational world is rising with NATO officials admitting that the Ukraine war is lost. They are inadvertently admitting, that they have lost the liberal world order as well!

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