National Party Enters Irish Politics!

For the first time in recent Irish history a nationalist, right wing party has finally won seats in Ireland. Patrick Quinlan was elected to the City Council of Ireland’s capital city of Dublin under the banner of the National Party. Formed in 2016 the National Party has been building grassroots support and recently has been gaining ground rapidly as Ireland has witnessed a dramatic shift in public opinion surrounding the issue of mass/replacement migration. Malachy Steenson was also elected to a seat on the Dublin city council as an independent candidate with support from the National Party.

Ireland has become a hot front in the war against globalism as protests against unprecedented levels of mass migration and violent attacks on Irish people by non European immigrants have continued unabated for months now. It could be said that this movement truly began ascending at the end of 2022 when residents of the East Wall, working class, community of Dublin organized against migrants being bussed and housed into their communities with taxpayer dollars. One of the main leaders of this movement in East Wall was the aforementioned Malachy Steenson who made the great replacement and forced mass migration the primary issue of his campaign in Dublin.

This energy was sustained as Irish communities across the nation confronted and organized against the NGO’s and authorities facilitating the dispersal of african and middle eastern migrants across both urban and rural Ireland. Ireland increased its population by over 3.5% in 2023 through immigration alone and demographers have noted that this is one of the largest population transfers in Irish history. Public opinion polls show that the vast majority of the Irish population wants to reduce immigration in some capacity with many supporting halting it all together. Unfortunately for the Irish population, their politicians have been enamored with a great consensus on liberal multiculturalism. Homosexual “marriage” was legalized in 2015, abortion was recently legalized in Ireland with huge support in 2018 (66%) so the feckless globalists in power assumed that people would happily support the replacement of the Irish people in Ireland no problem. They were sorely mistaken.

Unlike the tragic abortion referendum, the globalists failed miserably to pass two woke amendments earlier in 2024. The amendments removed gendered and family based language from the Irish constitution calling them “antiquated”. The two amendments were rejected by voters by over 67%. The Irish government was also forced to shelve a draconian hate speech bill that would have punished citizens for simply possessing potentially “offensive” material on their electronic devices. The powers that be realized they had boiled the frog too quickly. Elon Musk himself condemned the legislation and pledged to keep X open to Irish dissidents should such a bill go forward.

At the end of 2023 there were massive protests that became riots in Dublin as locals attempted to disrupt hundreds of migrants from being housed in a historic hotel. MMA legend Conor McGregor threw his support behind the protestors and has kept up the patriotism ever since, even considering a run for President. Clearly the Irish are a people without representation. Thankfully this has finally changed and with the National Party now occupying 2/63 seats on the Dublin city council they will have a larger platform to enter both National and European parliaments in upcoming elections. The entire western world is being replaced (through both legal and illegal migration) and most politicians are standing idly by at best or profiting from and accelerating it at worst. Ireland is for the Irish and it looks like a voice has finally won a seat!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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