Nashville Trans Shooter Manifesto Leaked, Facebook CENSORS It!

The Nashville Trans Shooter’s manifesto has been leaked. Within minutes, Facebook shut it down. We are going to see what was reportedly in the manifesto, and why what Facebook just did is aligned with this ultimately disastrous and destructive woke insanity.

– The manifesto of the Nashville trans shooter who killed six people, including children, at a Christian school, has been leaked.

– In the manifesto, the shooter used anti-white epithets like “crackers” and expressed hatred for the students’ so-called “white privilege.”

– Wokeness is rooted in emancipatory politics, cultural Marxism, and the sanctification of victimhood.

The infamous and, until now, the hidden manifesto of the Nashville trans shooter who killed 6 people, three adults, and three children at a Christian school, has been leaked. Steven Crowder got a copy of the manifesto that authorities have thus far refused to make public, and he took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and did exactly that. He published the leaked manifesto, and what we see is a proliferation of radically anti-white, anti-Christian extremism.

According to the Postmillennial’s report, the leaked manifesto consists of a three-page handwritten document, written in a spiral notebook. It shows that Audrey Hale meticulously planned the mass shooting at The Covenant School on March 27th. “The day has finally come!” Hale wrote on the morning of the 27th. “I can’t believe it’s here. Don’t know how I was able to get this far, but here I am. I’m a little nervous but excited too. Been excited for the past 2 weeks. There were several times I could have been caught especially back in the summer of 2021. None of that matters now. I am almost an hour & 7 minutes away.”

Given what she carried out, to say that this was demonic would be an understatement. Haley prayed to God in the manifesto to help her in the mass shooting: “(God let my wrath take over my anxiety) It might be 10 minutes tops. It might be 3-7. It’s gonna go quick I hope I have a high death count.”

But what is turning heads is what Haley wrote in one of the pages headlined “Kill those kids!!!,” where Haley calls the students several anti-white epithets like “crackers” and expresses hatred for their so-called “white privilege.” Hale wrote, “those crackers going to fancy private schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertibles,” “f*ck you little sh*ts,” “Wanna kill all you little crackers!’

Haley went on to excoriate their supposed white privilege. The outrage over this is through the roof. Within the hour that Steven Crowder exposed it and read the manifesto on social media, it trended at Number 1 on X. Rogan O’Handley, known as DC Draino tweeted, “This is why the DOJ suppressed the Nashville Manifesto. It shows how Leftist ideology radicalized a Trans shooter to murder Christian children. This was political terrorism & the Biden regime tried to cover it up. We will not be silent after these children were slaughtered.”

Facebook reportedly also censored the manifesto. Minutes after the manifesto was leaked, Facebook reportedly took the post down for violating its Terms of Service. It is beyond absurd. What Facebook is doing here in its censorship efforts aligns itself with the manifesto itself.

We have been talking a lot of late about what wokeness is. Wokeness is the sanctification of victimhood. Wokeness is rooted in emancipatory politics, and emancipatory politics is a globalist-inspired idea that there is a one-size-fits-all political system that is supposed to liberate disenfranchised groups in society by dismantling a population’s culture. Under the guise of emancipatory politics, the traditional norms of culture and custom are recast as racist, bigoted, sexist, and phobic. They are therefore to be replaced by woke liberal norms that supposedly liberate and emancipate all kinds of groups that have been unjustly marginalized.

Emancipatory politics worked itself out with the women’s suffrage movement and the 1960s civil rights movement. What is so interesting here is that these movements worked themselves out within a society that still valued democratic norms. We could debate the merits and the supposed demerits of the emancipatory proposals. Emancipatory politics is supposed to increase democratic participation. What has happened is that over the years, emancipatory politics overlapped with cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism came to the United States in the 1930s and 40s by way of an academic movement known as the Frankfurt School. Cultural Marxism teaches that everything in society is composed of two groups of people: an oppressor group and an oppressed group. We know who belongs to which group based on our race, the color of our skin, our gender, or our sexual orientation. Any debate or discussion that calls into question that social binary is itself a manifestation of oppression. Anything that offends the groups designated as oppressed is seen as a hostile act by an oppressor. This is what is meant by this notion of the sanctification of the victim.

‘Upsetting the victim’ is considered taboo. What cultural Marxism does is twofold: cultural Marxism shuts down debate in that any dissent from cultural Marxist norms is considered heretical. It also necessitates that heresy has to be silenced. Heresy has to be excommunicated. It has to be removed. As we can see, social media censorship is not the only way to silence. We will be keeping our eyes on how things develop here, but it appears that we all now know precisely why the corrupt forces in DC have kept the manifesto deliberately hidden until now!

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