While French President Emmanuel Macron was initially lock step with the rest of NATO and the EU technocrats in supporting the Zelensky regime in Ukraine at all costs, it appears now that after his recent visit to China combined with the internal pressure he has been facing have caused him to be the first major western european leader to openly discuss decoupling from the United States. While it comes as a general surprise, France is not the most surprising source. France is one of the more “NATO-skeptical” members of the alliance and has historically been much closer with Russia than other western European countries, particularly their neighbor across the english channel. In fact, early in her campaign Marine Le Pen openly discussed France leaving NATO altogether!

After his early April visit to China to meet with President Xi Jinping, Macron stated that Europe should not be a “follower” of the United States in the event of a conflict with China over Taiwan. He went on to say that Europe should become a “third pole” independent of both Washington and Beijing. Perhaps this could be interpreted as not just a call for a more independent EU but a strengthened EU Commission and perhaps even a future European Union military. Macron has styled himself quite the diplomat with his past comments about a “Pax Mediterranea” led by western states to counter Turkey’s growing influence in the Sea, as well as his trips to the caucuses to try to inject himself into the dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan, so it is no surprise that he would consider himself the right character to lead this rhetorical decoupling from the US.

Macron has made sure to couch all of his remarks with statements reassuring the US that France is still a strong ally. Elections are far away in France so perhaps Macron feels like he can escape any soft pressure from the US to take him out of power but the real reason, ultimately, for Macron’s sudden shift away from neoliberal hegemony is simple. The Russians are about to win in Ukraine and China is becoming more and more likely to regain Taiwan by the day. The two largest geostrategic enemies of NATO and the unipolar American world are about to achieve their two most vital national security goals that the US had pledged to stop! This explains why he has suddenly softened to the idea of China as a potential mediator to the conflict in Ukraine. Now that Ukraine is slated to lose even more territory than currently lost, bringing in the peace negotiations now is a too little too late attempt to prevent places like Odessa from becoming Western Russia.

Discussions on bringing back the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth (a political entity that has not existed since the 17th century) have recently been published by establishment outlets and supported by the government of Poland and Lithuania. This means that talk of Ukraine itself not existing as an entity in the near future is definitely real. Western Ukraine was once part of this commonwealth and cities like Lvov are very Polish in their heritage. If Russia were to truly take the vast majority of Ukraine, retaking Lvov and the surrounding regions could be a last ditch effort to gain some territory and a buffer zone. This talk has already upset Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, as certain areas of western areas of modern Belarus were claimed as Polish during the days of the Commonwealth.

As Russia continues to grind down the Ukrainian army and its western weapons, it is becoming clear that the map of Europe will be changing for good. Multipolarity is here to stay and despite the screeching from the NATO clowns, the bullies in Brussels, and the incompetent Biden state department, the rising civilizations of Russia and China, as well as India, Iran, Hungary, and many others, are leading the world into a much more CONSERVATIVE future!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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