-The classified documents scandal keeps SPIRALING for Joe Biden!

-In this article I discuss the THREE smoking guns implicating Biden with Hunter

-This is likely the true end of the Brandon Presidency!

Well it looks like ol’ Sleepy Joe got caught! And there’s no place for him to hide! We’re going to look at the latest developments in this ongoing Car-a-Lago scandal, we’re going to see how once again Hunter is at the center of it all, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when we’ll find how the infamous laptop is further igniting this latest scandal!

The bombshell revelation of classified documents stored in Joe Biden’s Wilmington garage is shedding new light on how Biden has been able to afford his lavish and luxurious lifestyle since leaving the vice presidency. The New York Post is reporting that shortly after his divorce in 2017, Hunter Biden began listing Joe’s Wilmington home as his primary address, even falsely claiming that he owned the home when he filled out a background check for a rental application back in 2018. Fox news has confirmed as well that emails from Hunter’s laptop show that he listed the home as his billing address for his personal credit card and Apple account in 2018 and 2019. Now there’s a growing interest in that 2018 application, a Background Screening Request form that Hunter filled out, where he claimed he owned the Wilmington house. In filling out the Monthly Rent portion of the form, Hunter claimed he paid $49,910 dollars in rent each month, which is an absolutely exorbitant amount of money. I live in Delaware, and I can tell you, there is no monthly rent bill that even comes close to that. There was a Zillow search that found that the highest rental property in Wilmington was around $5 thousand dollars a month so the obvious question that’s being raised by more and more people is: is this a money laundering outfit? 

Is this the way Hunter was funneling money from his illicit business activities into his father’s bank account? Now it gets more suspicious when we learn that Joe apparently did NOT report that income, that near $50 thousand dollars from Hunter on his tax returns. In Joe’s 2017 tax returns, he claimed only $19,800 dollars in rental income and in 2018, the year Hunter filled out that application, he claimed zero dollars in rental income. Now, all of this of course is bringing back to the fore what we originally discovered on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, which provided two lines of evidence that connected Sleepy Joe with Hunter’s illicit business dealings. The first line of evidence was of course the ‘emails’ found on Hunter’s laptop, most especially the now infamous ‘big guy’ email.It was sent from James Gilliar, one of Hunter’s business partners, and it involves distributing the income Hunter’s company was getting from a Chinese energy company known as CEFC. The email reads: “At the moment, there’s a provisional agreement that the equity will be distributed as follows: 20 percent for H (that’s Hunter) 20% for RW (that’s a fellow by the name of Rob Walker who’s another business partner of Hunter’s), 20% for JG (that’s Gilliar), 20 percent for TB (that’s a fellow named Tony Bobulinski who’s since come forward to testify against Hunter and Sleepy Joe), 10 percent for Jim (that’s Sleepy Joe’s brother, Jim Biden) and then of course 10 percent held by H (that’s Hunter) for the big guy.”

Now, of course, the question is: who is this ‘big guy’? According to an investigation by the British Daily Mail, the term ‘Big Guy’ appears 41 times throughout Hunter’s laptop emails, and each of those mentions clearly show that the codename was being used for none other than Sleepy Joe! So here we have an explicit email stating that Biden was indeed profiting off of Hunter’s illicit business dealings, in this case with China no less! But that’s just the first line of evidence; the second may be even MORE damning!

The second line of evidence implicating Biden are the photos that have been discovered on the laptop! Not only do we have that email, but we actually have pictures of Sleepy Joe posing with Hunter’s business associates, you know, the very ones that Biden said he knew nothing about! One of the pictures shows then vice-president Biden next to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim with Hunter off to the side. There are a number of Hunter’s business associates as well in the picture. Another picture shows Biden with some of Hunter’s business associates from Kazakhstan, so these photos indicate that the Big Guy clearly knew the business associates that Hunter was getting his money from. And I should note, too, that there’s a third line of evidence in addition to all of that, and that’s the eyewitness testimony of Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinsky. Bobulinski has confirmed in sworn testimony that the big guy is indeed Joe Biden, and that Biden did in fact meet with Hunter’s business associates on multiple occasions where Bobulinski was present! We also now know that Joe and Hunter commingled their finances and shared bank accounts, with Hunter actually covering their family expenses and travel with his illicitly gained multi-millions.

In short, what we know from the emails, photos, and from the eyewitness testimony implicates the entire Biden family as having not only illicitly profited off of Biden’s office as vice president, but they did so inordinately with CCP money and now we’ve got the receipts. We’ve got Hunter claiming to be paying $50 thousand dollars a month in rent to Sleepy Joe, who didn’t report it. So, make no mistake, this is HUGE; and more and more pundits are admitting that this is going to be very, very difficult for Biden to slime his way out of, especially when more and more of the legacy media appear to be turning against him. Again, I think they’re in survival mode; they know that if they don’t engage in at least some semblance of investigative journalism, whatever’s left of their credibility is going to completely disappear! So it’s certainly going to be fascinating to see how this plays out; butter the popcorn and enjoy the show!