Texas Governor Greg Abbott is not backing down! He and his fellow Republican governors are ratcheting up their efforts at securing the southern border in an act of collective defiance that is humiliating the Biden regime. Things are even worse than the Democrats feared. Biden isn’t just losing this battle over the border. In many ways, he is already lost!

– Illegal immigration is identified as the top concern for voters in 2024, with 7 in 10 wanting the government to crack down on it, blaming Biden for the worsening situation.

– Growing dissatisfaction with the federal government’s handling of the southern border is fueling secessionist sentiments in Texas, with calls for a Texit gaining traction.

– The challenge at the southern border is seen as Texas asserting itself against the federal government’s territorial claims, leading to a weakened state and a rise of red state America against the perceived weaknesses of the Biden administration.

The standoff continues! Texas forces continue to build up border reinforcements as they block federal officials from having access to the border. Texas governor Greg Abbott posted a video of ongoing border wall construction on his X feed, saying that Texas forces will continue to use every tool and strategy available to defend our southern border and stop the flood of illegal migrants crossing into their state and our nation. Needless to say, the radical left is flipping out over this blatant defiance.

Illegal immigration is the number one concern among voters for 2024. 7 in 10 voters want the government to crack down and stop illegal immigration. According to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, 35% of voters rank illegal immigration as the nation’s number one concern, jumping seven points since last month. And the overwhelming majority blame Biden for worsening the situation!

As Democrats panic over their growing realization that the chaos at the southern border is bleeding them politically, many in Texas see the current weakness of the Washington administration as an opportunity to secede from what they see as a rotten and unreformable federal system. Even Newsweek is admitting that the combination of Biden’s border incompetency and the Supreme Court’s compliance with that willful incompetence is renewing calls for Texas Independence. Calls for a Texit, a referendum on Texas’ secession from the United States, are exploding with several media outlets openly recognizing that secessionist sentiments are becoming more mainstream among Texans.

Others are arguing that Texas and its growing alliance with the 27 other red states across the country is setting the stage for another full-blown civil war. What’s even bigger here is how Texas, in challenging the federal government’s territorial jurisdiction over the southern border, is forcing what may be seen as a kind of federal government breakdown or fragmentation. In other words, while everyone’s talking about the revival of Texit or the possibility of civil war, instead I think we have to remember that secession in particular comes out of something bigger, which is called state fragmentation.

Like what we saw with the Soviet Union when it lost a third of its territories overnight back in 1991. In other words, what I think we are seeing here are dynamics indicative of the fact that Texas and the 27 red states that are aligning themselves with Texas are not seceding from the nation. Rather, they are forcing an otherwise tyrannical administration in DC to fragment. They are fragmenting about the federal government’s territorial claims, particularly over the southern border. We need to realize that what is happening here at the southern border is that Texas is challenging the federal government at the most basic level of political power.

The state is not merely an administrative authority or bureaucratic institution. It is a territorial power. It has borders, boundaries, and territorial jurisdictions. Scholars have long recognized that the loss of territorial control, precisely like we are seeing with the federal government at the southern border, inevitably leads to a radically weakened state, along with an accompanying boldness for other political powers within the nation to exploit that weakness and consolidate their own political sovereignty and self-determination. We are seeing red-state America rising and taking back our country by exploiting the radical weakness of the Biden administration.

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