More Classified Documents UNCOVERED as Biden IMPLODES!!!

-Another trove of classified documents?!

-Even MSM is noticing Biden’s hypocrisy!

-Is this what will sink the Brandon Presidency?

The Democrats are panicking! They are absolutely panicked! They know that the Biden world of corruption and deceit is about to unravel! We’re going to see the latest on the second stash of classified documents illegally handled by Biden, we’re going to see the desperate measures the White House is taking to try to cover it up, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when we’ll find out why this is all just the beginning of the unraveling of the Biden crime family!

The pressure is building on Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to investigate Bumblin Biden’s illegal handling of classified documents after a second batch, yes, you can’t make this stuff up, a second batch of Obama-era documents were discovered. It has now been confirmed that Biden aides did indeed discover at least one more batch of classified documents from his time as vice president in Biden’s personal possession. This comes of course just days after the White House revealed that Biden’s attorneys had handed over classified documents stored at the so-called Penn Biden Center in Washington DC, which as it turns out, appears to have been funded at least in part by China. Now of course we all knew, as the Republicans took control of congress, that investigations into the Biden crime family were going to be a top priority. What we didn’t see is Joe Biden actually contributing to that investigation!

We did not imagine that Joe Biden and his inner circle of buffoons would actually provide more fodder for investigative oversight committees. I believe that we have actually under underestimated just how inept and incompetent.Bike Ridin’ Biden really is! And that of course would extend to his inner circle, such as people like Pete Buttigieg (however you say it). That’s right, Pete Buttigieg has to be the single sorriest excuse for a transportation secretary that ever existed in the history of transportation. .I mean, we’re going back to Mesopotamia here, gang! Were Pete Buttigieg alive during the time of building the ziggurats, let’s just say, I think human history would have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. But it’s true; we did not believe that Biden could actually be THIS incompetent, but it appears that we were wrong, we underestimated just what kind of blithering idiot this fellow really is!

Let’s not candy coat this: we now have a second batch of classified documents that Bumblin’ Biden, and this is key, ILLEGALLY retained in an unauthorized location after the Obama administration came to an end! THIS is not rocket science! This is actually very, very easy! What Biden did was illegal! What Biden did broke the law! He illegally housed classified documents not merely in unauthorized locations, but in at least one location that had financial backing by China; and of course, the ten thousand dollar question is: what access, if any, did Chinese officials have to these documents? So this was both absolutely illegal and potentially compromising to national security, you know, just like Hilary Clinton’s emails! And so, the question now, is what is Merrick Garland going to do about this? Here’s Senator Josh Hawley pointing out the obvious conundrum the Democrats have put themselves in!

I Love it! ‘Hey Democrats, what happened to your love affair with equity and fairness? Silence is compliance, right?’ Again, what a bunch of jokers! And you’ll note, Hawley pointed out the obvious here; what Biden did was infinitely worse than Trump; unlike Trump, Biden as VP did NOT have the power to declassify! He illegally stashed classified documents, Trump didn’t! Period! It IS that cut and dry! And even the shameless shills for all things Democrat in the legacy media are starting to get it. Wait until you see this exchange between White House spokesperson Karine Jean Pierre and a CBS reporter, it’s gonna make your day:

That’s right; ‘it’s under review by the Justice Department right now, right now as we speak, right now as I am speaking to you at this moment, in the now of this moment, it’s under review!’ It’s like Kamala Harris is infecting the whole of this White House! ‘Now, it’s happening now, because now …. is when …..the happening ……happens!’ I mean, this is beyond comic relief here! And did you catch how this guy, Ed O’Keefe of CBS, did you catch how stunned Karine Jean Pierre was that he broke out of character of the fawning media incessantly in love with all things Democrat? ‘You don’t have to be contentious with me, Ed! Come on, Ed, we’ve been working well together! I play my part, you play yours!’ Again, that was Ed O’Keefe of CBS news ACTUALLY doing the job of the news media, holding our leaders, those in power, accountable for their actions! Again, this Karine Jean Pierre has got to be the single worst press secretary in human history; this administration has a transportation secretary who can’t keep the airlines open or solve the supply chain crisis, and you have a press secretary who can’t utter an intelligible sentence! Here’s Peter Doocey of Fox News doing what he does best!

Oh, man, this is almost painful to watch; it’s like a massive car wreck on a highway, it’s like, you don’t want to see it but you can’t help it! So what can we expect to come out of all of this? Well, pundits like Speaker Newt Gingrich are coming out and saying that this is only going to get worse for Biden; here’s Newt last night on the Laura Ingraham show:

This is just the beginning; make no mistake, the Democrats are panicked today! They are absolutely panicked! The Biden world is about to unravel! There is so much here that promises to blow the roof off of virtually everything involving the Biden crime family and we’re not even halfway through January! Butter the popcorn, this is gonna be good!