Megyn Kelly EXPOSES Bill Maher’s Intellectual Laziness!

Liberal talk show host Bill Maher was stunned and speechless by Megyn Kelly. The entire interview was a masterclass on how to silence a smug leftist on basic facts.

– In a recent exchange on Bill Maher’s show, Megyn Kelly challenged Maher’s view that Hillary Clinton’s concession in the 2016 election gives her a moral high ground over Trump.

– Clinton spent years undermining the legitimacy of Trump’s election.

– Maher’s stance, Kelly argues, reveals inconsistencies in his political positions despite his critiques of far-left ideologies.

Megyn Kelly revealed to Bill Maher that his entire argument against Trump rests on a distinction without a difference. Maher is insisting on a distinction, that Hillary conceded the election whereas Trump didn’t, and that somehow gives Hillary a moral high ground, Megyn Kelly pointed out that the distinction Maher is making is devoid of any actual difference. Hillary spent the next four years doing everything she could to undermine the legitimacy of that election she supposedly conceded!

Maher is trying to make the tortured argument that the reason why Trump is worse than anyone else in the DC swamp is because he refused to concede the election. What Megyn Kelly just did there was confront Maher with the obvious fact that Hillary did not concede the election either. She, James Comey, and John Brennan were all spying on Trump and using a Russian collusion hoax based on a fabricated dossier costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in a worthless investigation.

Bill Maher was living under a delusion about some of the facts of the J6 event, and Megyn Kelly exposed how Maher believes things happened that never actually took place. The US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died days after the J6 riot and the medical examiner ruled that he died of natural causes. Maher uses his false beliefs as justification for his hatred of Trump. When the issue of illegal immigration came up, Maher looked even worse!

Maher made the audacious claim that Biden and Trump were equivalent in their illegal immigration policies. This is beyond farcical. Under Trump, apprehensions at the southern border more than doubled. The number of ICE arrests of illegal immigrants inside the country rose by 30% in Trump’s first year as president. This happened shortly after Trump signed an executive order giving the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency broad and sweeping authority to detain illegal immigrants, even including those without criminal records.

This is all happening at the same time we have several prominent Democrats demanding that ICE be abolished. The number of deportations under Trump rose by at least 20%. Joe Biden has dismantled all of that which is why we are seeing this crisis at the southern border. Maher has been trying to rebrand himself to appeal to the more classical liberal demographic, especially in his tirades against wokeness, the far left’s assault on free speech and the pro-Palestinian progressiveness. The ultimate contradiction here is that Maher will vote for every one of those leftist politicians. He is a walking contradiction, and is hardly a political pundit any patriot ought to admire!

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