Matt Gates and AOC SHOCKINGLY Unite AGAINST Insider Trading!

All Americans can benefit from these developing policies! Insider trading being banned would restore fairness to trading and encourage elected officials to act to represent the interests of their people rather than for financial gain.

– Insider trading is common among politicians, including Nancy Pelosi.

– Matt Gaetz and AOC have joined forces to propose a bipartisan law banning stock ownership and trading for members of Congress.

– The public’s frustration and anger increase the possibility of a trading ban being enacted as Pelosi is resigning.

Insider trading is when an insider elected official buys a stock based on material nonpublic information. This is extremely common with DC swamp creatures such as Nancy Pelosi. An example of this is buying pharmaceutical stock before a drug is approved. Once it is approved, the cost of the stock will skyrocket. Insiders can make a lot of money when they know things before the general public.

Congress has a lot of access to this early information about stocks. After Covid, a lot of people woke up to these politicians being the most blatant offenders of this. When this started in 2020, the stock market crashed and fell 30% in one month. Congress was briefed on the Covid-19 virus before the rest of the general public. They knew how bad it was going to be, they knew lockdowns would be needed, and that the stock market would crash. Americans later found out that many senators sold all of their stocks right before the crash of the economy.

Regular Americans were stuck with these failed stocks. This made a lot of people mad. The people are beginning to rise and call this out as unfair. These representatives are elected to speak for the people, not take advantage of the people. This has become a very popular theme right now and has received a lot of support. There is a lot of public distrust surrounding this issue.

Matt Gaetz and AOC have teamed up to pass a bipartisan law banning the owning and trading of stocks for members of Congress. There is an anti-establishment sentiment that is uniting the populist left and populist right. These people are coming together on issues of the people vs. the ruling class and economic issues.

It is hard to imagine that Congress will pass this law. One thing that could be working in the favor of the people is that Pelosi is soon retiring from her position as House Speaker. In previous attempts at something like this, Pelosi has pushed the vote and pulled tricks to ensure that she can get her way.

It is shocking to see someone as conservative as Matt Gaetz and as liberal as AOC agree on any issue. The fact that they have agreed on this issue is indicative of how serious this is. These politicians likely do not want to go on the campaign trail and explain why they did not support this ban. A lot of these politicians have given in to the temptation to get involved with insider trading. These people have often purchased stocks in companies where they were involved in legal determinations.

Pelosi is the most prominent figure in this insider trading scandal. In early 2021, she bought over $5 million in Microsoft stock 2 weeks before they announced a $22 million deal with another corporation. The same year, she bought $1 million of Tesla stock. Three weeks later, Biden signed a bill ordering that the US federal fleet goes electric nationwide. Last year, she bought $5 million of another kind of high-risk stock. Two weeks later, the federal government announced a $52 billion bill that impacted that industry.

This continues to happen, and people are becoming so angry about this injustice. Because of how frustrated Americans are becoming, there is a chance that this could end up passing into law. Pelosi has been doing this for years, and it seems likely that the only way to stop this is through a complete trading ban in Congress.

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