Massive BACKLASH Against WOKE CULTURE Will DESTROY the Left!!!

Shortly after it became apparent what an abject disaster Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was turning into, several pundits couldn’t help but see what appeared to be a glaring discrepancy. They noticed an incompatibility between the military leadership’s commitment to winning wars and its newfound commitment to all things woke! I am, of course, referring to the stunning congressional testimony from General Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, back in June when he revealed that critical race theory and a commitment to wokeness had infected military leadership. Milley wants every US military personnel to study critical race theory. The highest-ranking military officer in the nation is an ignorant rube when it comes to the Marxist filth that is CRT.

General Milley’s words and commitment to wokeness have unfortunately come back to haunt our military with the disastrous pull-out from Afghanistan. Almost immediately, we began to see outraged tweets. One tweet says, “Thanks to Biden and his woke military, the Taliban now has a better equipped fighting force than 166 countries, all at OUR expense.” As I’m sure you know, these just scratch the surface. No one ripped the woke warriors in our military more than President Trump, who said a child could have handled the US departure from Afghanistan better than Biden and his woke military leaders did. How pathetic indeed!

The silver lining in all this wreckage appears to be the fact that a vast number of the American people are waking up to the destructive nature of wokeness. President Trump’s immortal words: “Everything woke turns to sh*t” have never been more true! It also appears that that is precisely the sentiment of the vast majority of the American people. Moreand more pundits now recognize that we see nothing less than a massive backlash against woke culture throughout the nation! In many respects, this backlash preceded the latest horrific disaster in Kabul, for sure, but the rebellion against wokeness is growing. Even CNN recognizes that going woke may lead to severe problems for the democrats when election times roll around. Even Democrat pollsters and strategists are admitting that the single greatest threat to the Democrat majority on Capitol is, well, themselves! The enemy is from within!

Woke liberals are the single greatest threat to the Democrats maintaining power in 2022! CNN is saying this, and so are many others on the political left! This is not Fox or Breitbart, or Newsmax. CNN, the most distrusted name in fake news, is seeing that wokness is debilitating! One CNN piece cites a fascinating observation made by a fellow liberal, a progressive, Kevin Drum, a former staffer for the Washington Monthly. Take a look at what he had to say, “Despiteendless hopeful invocations of ‘but polls show that people like our positions,’ the truth is that the Democratic Party has been pulled far enough left that even lots of non-crazy people find us just plain scary — something that Fox News takes vigorous advantage of. From an electoral point of view, the story here is consistent: Democrats have stoked the culture wars by getting more extreme on social issues, and Republicans have used this to successfully cleave away a segment of both the non-college white vote and, more recently, the non-college nonwhite vote.”

What he’s referring to here, at least in part, is the fact that back in 2016, nearly 200 counties in states like Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which had previously voted for every single Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1984, suddenly voted for Trump by a sizeable 20 point margin. Even the far-leftists at the New Republic recognize that self-professed liberals increasingly want nothing to do with anything woke! Being woke today simply isn’t cool; it’s now seen as cringeworthy and virtue signaling, provoking more embarrassed wincing than support or allegiance! It’s no wonder we see a backlash begin to have significant political ramifications. School boards across the nation are backing down over implementing critical race theory in school classrooms, a clear surrender to the backlash from patriot parents in virtually every state and county in the nation! CRT is getting destroyed in public schools.

For those school boards refusing to back down over this nonsense, the same patriotic parents are launching an unprecedented number of school board recalls, most significantly in the ultra-blue state of California! According to a report by Axios, at least 51 local recall efforts have been initiated throughout the country to oust pro-CRT school boards, which are targeting at least 130 elected members of those school boards. According to Ballotpedia, those 51 recall efforts are double the annual average of recalls. We are just past the halfway mark through the year and are already double that! By year’s end, we could be seeing at least a 200 percent increase in recall efforts throughout the country. And yet, what’s so fascinating in all of this is the strange irony that the more people push back against all of this bizarre wokeness, the more our privileged political class seems to embrace it! In an excellent piece written by LA cultural critic Michael McCaffrey in his analysis of the epidemic of wokeness on television sitcoms and programs, McCaffrey points to a recent study that found a dramatic discrepancy between how consumers feel about wokeness and how tv executives feel about it. The results were rather stunning: The survey found that 62% of British TV viewers believe political correctness on TV has gone too far. However, only 19% of TV industry professionals agreed. It also revealed that 40% of viewers were proud of the UK instead of 20% of TV professionals. On the flip side, the survey found that only 23% of British viewers were ashamed of the British Empire, but an astonishing 63% of TV insiders claimed they were ashamed of the UK!

TV professionals live in an alternate universe to audience members, and this alternative universe underscores the growing divide between the people and the permanent political class. This divide simply can not go on existing into perpetuity. The civic foundation for this divide is itself going to crack, and whoever is on the side of the majority is the side that will most likely prevail. As long as TV executives and our permanent political class continue to distance themselves from the values of the vast majority of voters, they will, as Democrat operatives and strategists fear, eventually be cast to the side. In what scholars call ‘consumer politics,’ they will be voted out, either through the ballot box or through intentional and unintentional boycotts in the marketplace. Either way, wokeness does appear to be finally on its way out; when even members of the left are beginning to turn their backs on it, we can be sure its days are mercifully numbered!