Massive Anti-Woke BACKLASH as Critical Race Theory Getting CRUSHED All Over the Nation!!!

Texas had a big weekend of elections to kick off the month of May.

Not only did the special election for Texas’ 6th District result in a total humiliation of the Democrat candidate, but a Texas school board election scored an overwhelming victory in the effort to stop critical race theory from being forced into Texas classrooms!

The elections in Southlake – a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb – on the first day of May were highly contested with a swarm of publicity surrounding them. Even the so-called pop star Demi Lovato came out against the GOP-backed candidates saying: “It is horrifying to see how some of the parents are literally FIGHTING to uphold white supremacy and are resisting the anti-racism work that is so needed!”

Unfortunately for Demi, Texans weren’t impressed by her cry-bullying racial rhetoric.

The headline from the Daily Mail in the UK said it best: “’Anti-woke’ candidates opposed to critical race theory being taught in Dallas school win control of affluent district board with nearly 70 percent of the vote!” Yes, you read that right: an astonishing 70 percent of voters rose up and gave the woke left and SJWs like Demi Lovato a loud and clear message: ‘Get the heck out of our public schools!’

Needless to say, the election has been making waves throughout the media, or better, throughout conservative media outlets. The leftwing mainstream media are frankly doing their best to ignore the fact that the vote even took place! Critical race theory got crushed so badly in this Southlake election that the mainstream media seems almost embarrassed to talk about it. NBC ‘reported’ on the election, but their headline was a textbook case of gaslighting: “In bitterly divided election in Southlake, Texas, opponents of anti-racism education win big.”

Opponents of anti-racism education?!? Seriously?

When all is said and done, critical race theory (CRT) teaches our school children that our nation is inherently unjust, and that’s because our nation is made up of two groups of people (this is absurd on its face, but keep in mind, this is in part why CRT has been so successful; it’s so easy a kindergartner can understand it!) where one group always oppresses and hurts the other group! And that oppressor group has been persecuting the other group for many, many years now! So obviously, as kindergartners hear this, they learn that the group of people who always oppress and persecute is a very bad group, while the group that gets oppressed and persecuted is a very good group made up of people being treated so unfairly. So our society is an unjust society because it has two groups of people where one group – the evil group – is always oppressing and persecuting the other group – the good group.

You may at this point be wondering, and of course we know that kindergartners would be wondering: how do we tell these two groups apart? How do I know who is in the bad group and who’s in the good group?

And the answer that CRT gives is simple: race.

CRT curriculum teaches students that you can tell the two groups apart by their race; their race is what gives them away in terms of who belongs to which group!

This is what the mainstream media is calling ‘anti-racism curriculum’!!! In the world of the mainstream media, this shockingly pernicious and appallingly racist doctrine is somehow recast as ‘anti-racism curriculum’!

The voters of Southlake, Texas rightly understood that CRT is a horrific and vicious form of reverse-racism. They were rightly concerned that this curriculum was progressively making its way into our schools, and they decided to do something decisively about it!

And they are not alone!

What happened in Southlake is actually part of what is nothing less than a massive anti-woke wave that is flooding the nation!

  • The state of Texas itself is in the process of banning CRT from all Texas public schools! The Texas Senate has just passed a ban on CRT, and it’s expected to become the law of the state in the weeks ahead.
  • Florida Gov Ron DeSantis has recently announced that CRT would no longer be permitted in Florida’s public schools, calling its curriculum divisive, racist, and anti-American.
  • In the state of Idaho, the governor recently signed a bill that bans CRT from their public schools.
  • In Oklahoma, GOP lawmakers have sent a bill to their governor effectively banning CRT from their classrooms!
  • The Iowa House has just passed similar legislation that would extend the ban to gender issues as well.
  • And Tennessee lawmakers are pushing through bills that are doing the same as the above!

It appears that everywhere we look in red states across the nation, we’re beginning to see a massive anti-woke backlash that is absolutely crushing critical race theory at the legislative and electoral levels. And if the elections Southlake are any indicator, this anti-woke backlash is just getting started.