Maryland Dem Leader Exposed as Pedophile!

While it has become common knowledge in conservative circles, the reality of the abuse and “grooming” behavior that goes on in the LGBT community in America is obscured to many Americans. Media is still more likely to portray religious and patriarchal figures as abusers and thus the statistical realities are not communicated to the masses. Thanks to the fall of mainstream media and the rise of the network society, however, more abusers are being exposed than ever. Just like the leader of the Maryland LGBT Democrats Michael Knaapen.

Michael Knaapen was exposed by Alex Rosen of Predator Poachers, a great YouTube & Rumble channel that catches and exposes would-be child predators, online groomers, and solicitors of child pornography. As can be seen in the confrontation video above, Knaapen was messaging who he thought was a 14 year old boy and exchanged nude photographs as well as made it clear he was interested in meeting up for sexual relations. What is truly sickening, however, is the response from online LGBT advocates and local reporters. Especially considering Knaapen was a guest at the Biden White House multiple times!

Dozens of local reporters have refused to cover this story despite it getting millions of views and impressions on X. In fact one local reporter, Anne Kramer, blocked Alex Rosen when he tagged her trying to bring attention to the story. Maryland police were also not on the scene as they usually are in Alex’s confrontations as Maryland law says these sting operations can only be conducted by police. Possibly even more sickening than the apparent local media blackout was the response from the insufferably woke “front page of the internet” that is Reddit.

Moderators for the Maryland and MarylandPolitics subreddits initially censored the video allowing for hours of slanderous discussion calling the video a “deep fake,” “far right propaganda,” and other nonsense. It was clear that these redditors were unhappy about the groomer pedophile stereotype around LGBT activists being confirmed. Unfortunately, the problem of abuse of underage children, particularly boys by older homosexual men, is a grim reality of the homosexual underworld that those on the outside are not permitted to notice or speak about.

Ultimately, the reality of outsized abuse coming from this community is indisputable. Despite being just 3% or so of the population, homosexuals are over 40% of sexual abusers and the vast majority or plurality of HIV/AIDS and other STD statistics. Over 90% of children raised in homosexual households are abused in some capacity and the majority are depressed or have other mental disorders. This research comes from Dr. D. Paul Sullins a Catholic Priest and author of “Invisible Victims: Delayed Onset Depression among Adults with Same-Sex Parents.”

Thankfully Michael Knaapen will likely be removed from any authority position but the pervasive and systemic culture of grooming and underage abuse in this community needs to be broadcast and taken into consideration as our country continues to bask in “pride month” and the rainbow religion. What about all of this is there really to be proud of?

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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