Marjorie Taylor Greene DESTROYS Fauci Over EXPOSED Covid LIES!

The sparks were flying in Monday’s congressional hearing where Anthony Fauci was grilled to give an account of his previous testimony that he basically made up a number of covid rules without any scientific backing.

– Fauci admitted that he lied about Covid mandates.

– He admitted that he knew nothing about social distancing, masking, or the impacts of his recommendations for children.

– We are seeing outrage growing as people realize the magnitude of the injustice we experienced at Fauci’s hand.

That pathetic pitch in many ways symbolizes the twisted career and public perception of Anthony Fauci. It’s now being widely reported that Fauci has admitted under oath that much of what was marketed as science was nothing more than arbitrary dictates made up by Fauci himself.

In recent bombshell congressional testimony, Fauci revealed that he made up the six foot social distancing requirements, he was unable to site any study that corroborated the distancing requirements when testifying under oath, and he admitted that he could not recall any study that confirmed that masking was effective in preventing the spread of the virus. Masking was legally mandated in a number of areas around the nation as well as in the entire airline industry.

Fauci also admitted that he was unaware of studies on the impact of the virus on children, which was of course, we now know, radically negligible, and he also admitted that the lab-leak theory is a fully plausible theory. He originally did everything he could to shut that theory down. Fauci is appearing before a congressional testimony to give an account of these bombshell admissions. Here’s Republican congressman Brad Wenstrup, Chairman of the subcommittee on the corona virus pandemic, speaking before Fauci at today’s hearings:

The mass George Floyd protests were blessed and encouraged by the very same elites who just weeks before denounced the protests against Covid restrictions as super-spreader events. This demonstrated for all to see the politically motivated double-standards that defined so much of the insane selective tyranny that dominated the Covid era. Robby Starbuck tweeted reminding us of what all of this meant:

What Robby is saying there isn’t even remotely an exaggeration. Michael Seifter, CEO of Public Square, pointed out, ‘People got censored, canceled, and fired for critiquing these made up rules.’ This is quite the fall for Fauci, after all, it wasn’t long ago that he was being venerated as a saint.

The public saw how radically partisanized and politicized the medical industry was where citizens had to comply with protocols and restrictions while at the same time illegal aliens didn’t, as just one example! If they didn’t comply, their lives were destroyed! So in light of this crisis of legitimacy that public institutions are going through, it’s not a surprise that the Lee County Republican Assembly in Florida, which is a grassroots conservative organization, passed a resolution declaring the UN, the WHO, and the WEF all as terrorist organizations,

The Resolution passed by the Lee County Republican Assembly calls on the Florida Legislature and Governor Ron DeSantis to pass and sign legislation declaring cooperation with the United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Economic Forum an act of treason against the United States and the State of Florida. Unfortunately the resolution is being bottled up in the state legislature, but the fact that such a resolution is being put forward testifies to the total loss in confidence that so many have towards our public institutions.

Additionally, the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty has officially collapsed. In the words of Debra Heine, writing for American Greatness, the treaty has ‘crashed and burned.’ The treaty sought to impose pandemic standards on all member nations that would have stripped us of our national sovereignty in dealing with a worldwide pandemic. That treaty is now officially no more and it’s all the result of this process of delegitimation that Fauci and his Democrat cronies have unleashed on our nation’s institutions.

The irony in all of this is that the more Fauci and his cronies tried to use the instruments of government to tyrannize, the more they undermined the legitimacy of those instruments and thereby weakened the very institutional mechanisms of that tyranny. The good news is that regardless of what happens, it looks like the days of reckoning have come for Mr. Fauci in terms of his own legitimacy. He has clearly fallen from his secular sainthood, and we can hope that the forces that he was able to rely on for that time of pandemic tyranny stand to fall as well!

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