Major Swing State BANS Ballot Drop Boxes!

Several months ago, the Wisconsin Supreme Court banned the use of drop boxes in all future elections from their state. As noted in their headline, the ruling in many respects suggested that Biden’s 2020 Victory Was “Illegitimate”, in that he won Wisconsin by barely 20,000 votes. It was a 4 to 3 vote on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and the conservative justices who had a majority declared that every single ballot cast using drop boxes was illegal and, therefore, invalid. Two years after the fact, these Supreme Court justices ruled that hundreds of thousands of ballots were illegal in the state of Wisconsin.

– The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that hundreds of thousands of votes in the state were illegal and illegitimate from the 2020 election.

– The ruling also declared most ballot drop boxes as not allowed in Wisconsin and disallowed voters from having someone else return their completed absentee ballots on their behalf.

– The ruling has significant implications, making it difficult to replicate the election processes and results of 2020 in 2024.

The next time we hear the legacy media talking point that the 2020 election was the single most pristine election in the history of humanity, we can remind them that the WI Supreme Court ruled that hundreds of thousands of votes cast in their state were illegal and illegitimate. This is not speculation or opinion, this is the ruling of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. As part of that ruling, the Court also ruled that most ballot drop boxes aren’t allowed in the state and that a voter can’t have someone else return their completed absentee ballot on their behalf.

Wisconsin’s legislature is dominated by Republicans, but they have a hard-core leftist Gov, so they haven’t been able to pass election integrity laws, so the Supreme Court stepped in and did it for them. Wisconsin has some of the strictest mail-in ballot laws in the nation. In Wisconsin, you are not allowed to vote by mail unless you request a mail-in ballot in writing and on record. And that’s one of the reasons why the Wisconsin Supreme Court is banning ballot drop boxes.

This is significant for two reasons. First, Wisconsin is not going to be able to duplicate the election processes they enacted in 2020. Even if they were able to get at least some of the drop boxes back into circulation, there appears to be no way they are going to be able to duplicate 2020 in 2024! The second reason this is so significant is that the latest polls coming out of Wisconsin are all showing Biden getting crushed by Trump in the 2024 election.

In the latest Reuters/Ipsos polling data, Trump is surging past Biden in the key swing states, particularly Wisconsin. When it comes to seven key swing states: Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, and Michigan, Trump is beating Biden by an average of 6 points. Reuters/Ipsos gave Biden a +7 lead the day before the 2020 election, and the ABC/Washington Post poll gave Biden a 17-point lead in Wisconsin in 2020. This is the poll that found that Trump has a 10-point lead over Biden as of today.

If we take these polls and average them, we are once again seeing Trump win with over 300 electoral votes. It is looking like 2016 all over again! Democrats are increasingly recognizing that states like Wisconsin, which Biden needs to win are becoming more remote. Their fallback on election shenanigans is becoming more frustrated as states, either through legislation or the courts increasingly began to fortify against such shenanigans for 2024. So what are Democrats going to do?

There is a concerted effort to try to revive Kamala Harris as a viable political alternative. The legacy media is doing what they can to try to breathe some life into this disaster of a vice president who Nancy Pelosi recently refused to endorse and threw under the bus, saying that vice presidents don’t do anything. There is a concerted effort to try to fabricate Kamala as a viable political entity. Gavin Newsom faces the problem that he is not even that popular in his state of California. He barely survived a recall effort in what happens to be the bluest of blue states, so he is not poised to fare well in swing states. The swing states are going to be decided almost entirely by blue-collar, working-class voters who have already aligned themselves with Trump. That’s why he’s crushing it in the swing state polls. The Democrats are stuck. They are stuck with a convalescent senile candidate that voters in states like Wisconsin promise to mercifully send home!

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