Macron SABOTAGES Marine Le Pen in French Election

Macron’s strategic collaboration with far-left parties successfully hindered Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, pushing them back to third place despite their initial strong performance. However, National Rally still achieved their best election results to date, doubling their seats in the French Assembly. Despite these setbacks, the significant rise in nationalist populism suggests that its dominance in France appears inevitable in the near future.

– Macron’s party collaborates with far-left to hinder Marine Le Pen’s National Rally.

– Despite this, National Rally saw their best election results, doubling their seats.

– The rise of nationalist populism in France seems inevitable, despite current setbacks.

Riots have once again engulfed France, but this time it’s because the far-left has won. Whether they lose or win, the Antifa wing of France’s political left riots. We’re going to look at how the globalist Emmanuel Macron sabotaged the rise of the French right, but we’re also going to see why it’s too late; the right is indeed rising, and there’s nothing that the globalists can do to stop it.

Over the weekend, centrist and far-left parties in France joined forces, knocking the rise of the nationalist right party, National Rally, back to third place after their first-place win in the first round of elections a week earlier. As things stand, the far-left bloc of parties, which includes literal communist factions, won between 177 and 192 seats. Macron’s party, Renaissance, came in second with upwards of 150 seats, and National Rally, the patriot party in France, got upwards of 140 seats, far below what they were projected to get after the first round of elections.

France’s election system, with its two rounds, allows for peculiar outcomes. In the first round, candidates who score over 50 percent of the vote win automatically. Marine Le Pen and National Rally dominated the first round, getting the most candidates over the 50 percent mark. However, in regions where no candidate gets 50 percent, a second round occurs, where candidates that didn’t break at least 12.5 percent are eliminated. This often leads to second and third-place winners teaming up to defeat the first-round leader.

Macron’s party came in an embarrassing third place in the first round but strategized for the second round. According to reports, over 200 of Macron’s Renaissance Party members dropped out and endorsed far-left candidates who had previously come in second place. This collaboration ensured the defeat of the first-round winners. This tactic of the center and far-left parties has been used for decades to squeeze out the far-right from power in France. Macron, despite his claims of centrism, aligns more with the far left, sharing common ground with communists rather than populists and patriots.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, despite the sabotage, had their best election ever, doubling their share of seats in the French Assembly since the last election two years ago. In 2012, the National Rally only garnered 4 percent of the vote. As of yesterday, they achieved 37 percent, with one in three French voters supporting nationalist populism. This significant rise over the past decade indicates a historical shift.

While Macron’s maneuvering successfully hindered the National Rally’s immediate success, it is seen as merely delaying the inevitable. Marine Le Pen herself stated that Macron’s actions only prolong the inevitable rise of the National Rally. With the far-left’s extreme positions, the eventual takeover by nationalist populism in France seems not just possible but likely to happen in the near future.

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