Macron HUMILIATED by African Leader!!!

There’s a revolution happening in Africa, but not the kind you may be expecting; this a moral revolution that’s pushing back against the woke, western elite and reshaping Africa’s politics and culture in powerfully conservative fashion! We’re going to take a look at the latest heated exchange between one African leader and the president of France, and how that clash represented the massive moral uprising going on in Africa, and what it all means for the rise of a new conservative age!

-Africa is DONE with LGBT Imperialism!

-The President of the DRC EMBARRASSED French President Macron!

-This is only the beginning of civilizations joining together and pushing back against secular globalism!

African leaders are increasingly publicly standing up to European elites, telling them in no uncertain terms that their days of dictating political policies for increasingly conservative African nations are over! Case in point, the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, recently held a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC and fireworks broke out between the two:

What happened there is that Macron and Tshisekedi are having this press conference, and CHIS-ekedi basically looked at Macron and said you, the president of France, and European leaders as a whole, have to learn to see Africa in a fundamentally different way than you have throughout your colonialist past. You must begin to respect us and stop treating us and talking to us in a patronizing and paternalistic way, as if you’re always absolutely right and we’re always absolutely wrong! And you heard the people applauding, Macron was clearly flustered by that; he was totally blindsided; he wasn’t prepared to get challenged like that in a press conference. He tried to spin it by blaming this all on some French reporter who asked a question earlier in the press conference that may have sounded condescending to the president of the Congo, and Macron said that he does not speak for France; don’t equate the two; now, if Macron thought he was digging himself out of a hole with that he had another thing coming, because CHIS-ekedi fired right back at him, that’s where you heard the ‘no, no, no’ and he made it clear that he was explicitly talking about condescending comments made by France’s Foreign Minister; he was not referring to a journalist. He can make that distinction on his own, he doesn’t need Macron to ‘teach’ him that!

So, this was clearly yet another public humiliation for Macron; you have to wonder how long he plans on remaining president of France; it just seems he steps into it week after week after week! But this exchange is but the latest in a trend that’s absolutely exploding throughout the African continent as we speak, and that’s a massive populist movement known as pan-Africanism, where more and more African leaders are calling for the expulsion of European political and cultural influences left behind from their colonial period, and are seeking instead to cultivate a uniquely African civilizational world! As you can see, it’s an incredibly vibrant movement, and one that Western globalist elites are beginning to get very, very concerned about, especially in terms of the attraction of the movement towards the rising neo-Orthodox civilizational state of Russia! Shortly after Russia’s world changing summit with China, delegations from 40 African nations attended an official conference entitled ‘Russia and Africa in a multipolar world’! There Putin announced that Russia would be forgiving billions of dollars of African debt, and that forgiveness was explicitly framed by Putin as a gesture of solidarity in their mutual support for traditional moral values and their resistance against the insanity of the woke West! And that’s the key; that’s the key to, in many ways, understanding what’s largely animating the formation of this new conservative world order; wait until you see how our woke ruling elite are reacting to Africa’s latest bans on LGBT identity politics, and wait until you see how African politicians are responding!

The ultra-left editors at the Washington Post published a scathing article this week excoriating the growing number of African nations who are cracking down particularly on LGBT identity politics within their borders! They singled out the recent bill passed overwhelmingly by the Ugandan parliament that in effect bans LGBT identities from their nation; as I understand it, all but two members of parliament voted for it; it was an unmistakable message that Uganda wants absolutely nothing to do with LGBT identity politics that have become so rampant in western liberal nations! But of course, as the Post points out, it’s not just Uganda; of the 64 countries that criminalize homosexuality, 32 are in Africa, which the Post article absolutely laments! BUT, the editors recognize that the old ways of just basically forcing Africa to comply with woke liberal values doesn’t cut it anymore; and they’re right! Here’s a member of parliament in Ghana pushing back against the hypocrisy of the United States when it comes to their selective enforcement of LGBT values:

That was brilliant! Hey US, where’s your comparable outrage towards Saudi Arabia, or China for that matter? Why does it seem you’re always picking on Africa?!? You’re always dictating rather than deliberating! Well, interestingly, this editorial in the Washington Post recognizes that there is currently a massive postcolonial pan-African backlash against Western globalist elites, and they’re going to get nowhere thinking they can dictate to African nations how they’re going to live out their political and cultural lives! All of this further points to the imploding influence of our woke western elite; they’ve spent the last decades dictating to much of the world what it can and cannot do, and as you can see, that world has risen up and told our ruling elite to shove it! In other words, what we’re seeing in many part of the world is starting to happen here at home; we, too, are telling our ruling elite that their days of dictating to us are over; and just as African nations are effectively expelling the ruling elite from their politics and culture, our turn to do exactly that from our nation is what’s about to happen next!

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