Macron HUMILIATED as Le Pen Poised to Become PRIME MINISTER!

The nation of France is in turmoil after a stunning win by Marine Le Pen and National Rally. We are seeing an unexpected announcement by President Emmanuel Macron that he is suspending France’s parliament and calling for snap elections! We’re going to see the latest on what’s happening in France after their rightwing tsunami, and what the prospects are for the rise of a Prime Minister Marine Le Pen.

– Over the weekend, voters in 27 nations went to the polls for the European Parliament elections, resulting in a significant rightwing surge.

– In France, National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, received 34% of the vote, doubling the support for President Macron’s party En Marche.

– The rise of civilizationalist politics in France and Europe could unify the continent and nation, potentially leading to another landslide victory for Marine Le Pen and National Rally.

We are seeing an astonishing political earthquake rock the entire European continent over the weekend when voters in 27 nations went to the polls to elect their next European Parliament. The result was nothing less than what many are calling a rightwing tsunami.

Nationalist populists all across the continent won their respective elections and are now poised to shake up the EU like never before! But among those astonishingly impressive wins none compare to what happened in France. National Rally, France’s patriot party, got a record 34% of the vote, twice as much as President Macron’s party En Marche.

This map shows how dominant the party is. All the brown represents the areas Marine Le Pen won in. It’s beyond anything anyone could have imagined just a few weeks ago. 1 out of every 3 Frenchman voted for National Rally which is incredible. This is an absolute humiliation for Macron. Russian officials mocked Macron, claiming that both he and German Chancellor Scholz were desperately clinging on to power with their last remaining strength.

The future is the Trad Right and the nationalist populist right. The days of globalist elites like Macron are indeed coming to an end. Macron felt like he had to do something in response to this humiliation, so, he announced that he was taking the extraordinary step of dissolving parliament and calling for snap elections:

He talked about climate change and its consequences. That’s what’s concerning Emmanuel Macron after that political shellacking he got over the weekend. Macrons’ move to force a snap election stands in stark contrast to how Belgium’s globalist prime minister reacted to his resounding defeat over the weekend. He actually resigned!

The EU elections are very much like Europe’s midterms. Voters render a verdict on their ruling parties, and if they overwhelmingly reject that party, like they did in Belgium, sometimes you’ll see their prime ministers resign. In the case of France, we are seeing him call for snap elections. Macron’s Renaissance Party, it was originally called En Marche, and it doesn’t have a majority in the French Parliament.

They rely on very shaky coalitions to get anything done which is one of the reasons why Macron recently completely bypassed parliament to impose by fiat his own pension reforms on the French people. The issue here, as with virtually all entitlements, is how do you balance out those paying into the system with those recipients withdrawing from the system. Among the many proposals, Macron insisted that the retirement age get raised from 62 to 64. His proposal balances that equation on the side of recipients.

Macron’s proposal itself is not the issue. However, Macron is refusing to allow people to consider it in comparison to other strategies. Macron’s proposal was very unpopular and was doomed to defeat in the French Parliament, so he turned the proposal into a dictate. He invoked Article 49 of the French Constitution, which allows the president to unilaterally pass any law without a vote. Here’s how the French Parliament reacted when the prime minister came out and announced the decision:

The French people were all the more incensed by this blatantly anti-democratic, authoritarian tactic on the part of Macron. What Macron is trying to push back against the rise of National Rally. He’s banking on the notion that it’s very hard to win two back-to-back elections in a row, and he’s banking on the fact that it’s far easier for National Rally to win in European elections than it is to win domestically. Macron thinks he can get political power back by beating National Rally in an election just seven weeks away!

A lot of pundits are saying that this is a risky move. It could end up making Marine Le Pen Prime Minister of France. If Macron’s plan backfires, National Rally would get a majority in the parliament and Marine Le Pen could end up becoming prime minister. Macron’s approval rating is very low as he is in the 20s at this point. We may be on the cusp of a massive political paradigm shift in France in particular and Europe as a whole, where globalist mainstream politics, which Macron represents, are finally beginning to wane.

The politics that are increasingly ascending in France and throughout Europe are civilizationalist politics. Civilizationalism widens the “us vs them” category in such a way that has the potentially profound effect of unifying entire continents. The idea here is that if it can unify the continent, it can unify the nation. Marine Le Pen and National Rally are going way beyond just French nationalism here. They are increasingly embracing civilizationalism and as such, given the electoral success over the weekend, they may be headed for yet another landslide in the weeks ahead!

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