Macron Faces International Scrutiny: Challenges in Africa and BRICS Snub

Things are just getting worse for French President Emmanuel Macron. Once considered the darling of globalists, Macron’s globalist dreams appear to be crashing down to earth.

– Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has criticized Macron’s policies, accusing France of exploiting African nations economically, leading to mass migration to Europe.

– Macron experienced a public snub from the BRICS organization, as he was not invited to their upcoming summit.

– The BRICS alliance represents a commodities-based economy that controls essential resources like oil, gas, and minerals, challenging the dominance of currency-based economies like the G7.

Macron is coming under enormous scrutiny and criticism in France as events spiral out of control in several African nations that were once French territories. A couple of weeks ago, members of the Nigerien military staged a coup ousting their president Mohamed Bazoum, who was elected two years ago in Niger’s first democratic transfer of power since they gained independence from France back in August of 1960. In doing so, Niger followed the coups of a number of its neighboring nations in the Sahel region of Africa, such as Burkina Faso and Mali. Since then, thousands of French citizens have reportedly left the Sahel region. Things are so bad on the ground that several French senators have written an open letter to President Macron, signed by 94 parliamentarians, urging an entire reconsideration of France’s policy in Africa.

They are openly recognizing that Russia is now the new key strategic partner of the Sahel region, with even Wagner Paramilitary forces playing the role of peace-keeping troops that have replaced French troops who traditionally played that role. The letter laments the increasingly obvious disappearance of France from the world stage, with so many of its international ties crumbling and coming apart. Interestingly, it’s not just French politicians that are questioning Macron’s policies in Africa. Italy’s prime minister, the ultra-populist firebrand Giorgia Meloni, who’s all about Italy First and maintaining the national sovereignty of their borders has gotten into a very public and heated war of words with French President Emmanuel Macron. She accused him of economically exploiting Africa in such a way that encouraged mass migration into Europe.

She said that France still exercises enormous political and economic influence over several African nations, 14 she mentioned, and that influence involves depositing a lot of African money in French coffers, which makes it increasingly hard for Africans to make a living in Africa. That encourages them to leave Africa and try to start a more prosperous life in Europe! The answer is for European nations like France to stop exploiting African nations, which will in turn encourage them to live where they are and stop the massive waves of migration. As you can see with the unfolding events, Africans in Niger and Burkina Faso aren’t waiting for the French to act, they’re rising and purging their nation of much of the French influence that remains. Unfortunately for Macron, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of international humiliations he experienced.

The latest humiliation was the very public snub by the BRICS organization, which is an ever-growing and expanding economic and political alignment between Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Since its formation in the 2000s, the economic bloc has grown exponentially, with dozens of countries seeking to join. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Mexico, and Nigeria are all lining up and applying for membership, making up over 40% of the world’s population. All eyes are fixed on their upcoming summit in just a couple of weeks in South Africa. Interest is so widespread that Emmanuel Macron wanted to attend the summit. Unfortunately for Macron, he was emphatically not invited. An astonishing 67 countries will be attending the summit, but France will not be one of them. Macron is not welcome in the parallel economy that is rising through BRICS, or what is now increasingly being called BRICS-plus, since after this summit, we may see as many as a dozen new countries officially joining the economic bloc. Perhaps the popularity of this summit was a signal that France sees the future as belonging to the Eurasian world order. We are also beginning to see the battle between BRICS and the G7, the Group of Seven, heat up. BRICS countries control essential commodities like oil, gas, lithium, and other resources that the global economy depends on.

The world runs on finance, food, and fuel, and up until this point, the Davos types and the liberal governments in Western Nations believed that if you control finance, you control the world. The various BRICS countries are banking on the opposite. They believe that he who controls food and fuel is the one who controls the world. That is because you can’t eat currency. You can’t eat paper money or use digital money to heat your house, so they think that those who control food and fuel control the world. What we’re witnessing increasingly is a bit of an economic showdown between the two great blocs. The G7 and by extension the G20 versus BRICS, a currency-based economy vs a commodities-based economy.

As you can see with Macron and his interest in attending BRICS, that may be a tacit admission that he sees the currency-based economy of Western powers reaching its limits, especially with Russian gas turned off, and food and fertilizer in such short supply. All of this shows that things are not going well for Macron. His approval ratings are extremely low, he has some of the lowest polling in Europe, France’s African affiliates are unraveling, and even new economic unions want nothing to do with him.

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