Louisville Shooter was RADICAL LIB!

Another mass shooting has struck our nation and this time it was in Louisville Kentucky. As of now, 5 victims are confirmed dead with at least 6 wounded at a bank in downtown Louisville. The shooter is also now deceased. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has confirmed that one of his personal friends is among the deceased with another being wounded. A video posted to social media shows chaos as gunshots ring out and officers tell those on the streets to flee the area.

The perpetrator seems to be confirmed as 25 year old Connor Sturgeon. He appeared to have been employed at the bank and expressed suicidal urges. Due to his race (White) the media is attempting to turn this into a weapon against white people and as an excuse to further disarm Americans and infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. However, basic internet sleuthing seems to have unearthed the shooters social media pages and proven that he was a cringe inducing lib.

Now we have already seen the left and the Democrats flex their narrative shaping muscles around mass shootings. In the aftermath of the Nashville shooting, conservatives were successfully focusing the discussion on transgenderism, mental illness, and the problems caused by the gender religion that is brainwashing thousands of broken young people. Democrats tried to make it a gun control issue and led billionaire backed protestors into houses of government. It’s only an insurrection when conservative Christians take action remember? Tennessee Republicans attempted to clamp down on such out of order representatives and expel three lawmakers from state government altogether. Two were successfully expelled. Unfortunately it seems that the Democrats have run with this, pivoted to “attacks on democracy” and are attempting to rocket this insufferably woke generation of urban Tennessee democrat reps into national office. Here is State Rep. Justin Peterson, a privileged clown who enjoys playing dress up as Malcolm X while pushing for marxism, “preaching” about “Mother god” and transgender healthcare:

If conservatives are going to be aggressive and play for keeps against the professional victims that are the democrats, then they are going to need to stick to their convictions on these social issues and issues like the 2nd amendment RELIGIOUSLY. Just look at that insane “sermon.” These democrats believe in completely upturning society at the deepest, most fundamental levels. As urban areas devolve into violence the democrats will not stop pushing for the removal of your rights. Dig in your heels and do not fall for this NARRATIVE TERRORISM perpetuated by the mainstream media blob that inhabits every screen and device. Democrats have used their media control and united front (entirely missing on the Republican side) to make this about democracy and gun control instead of the obvious real issue that is the crisis of meaning, transgender propaganda epidemic, and the decline of our urban centers. This latest shooter used pronouns and had a self hating white person sense of humor online. A clear victim of a nihilistic worldview pushed by secular liberals. But the Democrats are making it about anything but that. Don’t fall for it!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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