Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, the ultra-leftist disaster of this once great city, is officially gone, after just a single term! She’s one and done! But her defeat goes way beyond the mayor’s office; we’re going to see precisely how her political humiliation is nothing less than a foretaste of the inevitable defeat of woke liberalism itself!

-Lightfoot is OUT!

-Chicago experienced unprecedented decline under her tenure

-Her downfall is the result of blatant anti whiteness, insufferable wokeness, and failure

Yesterday, voters in Chicago decisively ousted the incompetent incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot from office! In their general primary election, Lightfoot ended up finishing third, behind the more moderate liberal Paul Vallas and the hard-left cultural Marxist Brandon Johnson, garnering barely 16 percent of the vote. It was a humiliating defeat, making Lightfoot the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose reelection after just one term! And she didn’t just lose, she was trounced! She was crushed not by one but by two opponents, both of whom will advance to a runoff in April. Now, while Chicago is as blue as blue gets, and they’re in the end just trading one leftist nut for another, Lori Lightfoot was a particularly horrific leftist nut!

Under Lightfoot, the city of Chicago saw what was perhaps the single most dramatic societal implosion in its history! Violent crime and murder rates skyrocketed during her tenure to absolutely unprecedented levels! Just months into her term, downtown residents were literally panicking as the crime rate soared throughout the city! In the aftermath of the George Floyd riots, parts of Chicago were more or less completely overtaken by lawless thugs, rioters, looters, and BLM radicals. At one point, there was nothing less than a full invasion of what’s called Chicago’s magnificent mile, which is Chicago’s premier commercial district made up of upscale restaurants and posh hotels, where hundreds of thugs reportedly swept through there and other parts of downtown Chicago, smashing windows, looting stores, confronting police. At one point, the rioting and looting in the Magnificent Mile area prompted law enforcement to raise the cities bridges in order to prevent people from traveling downtown! Needless to say, there were reports that businesses were packing up and leaving the city. Under Lightfoot, Chicago is almost a billion dollars in the red. They’re economically imploding, they’er culturally imploding, socially imploding! And why? Well, you all know the answer: everything woke, what?

That’s right, everything woke turns to dung, in the King James version! Lori Lightfoot was a number of firsts as Chicago mayor, she was the first black female Chicago mayor, she was the first openly lesbian Chicago mayor, AND she was the first woke Chicago mayor! At one point in her torturous tenure, two years ago, she actually announced that she was granting interviews only to so-called journalists of color! 11 Local reporters from NBC 5 Chicago reported that they were being denied interview requests with the mayor, ASTONISHINGLY, because the reporters were the wrong skin color! And when confronted with this appalling accusation that she rejected interview requests based solely on the reporter’s race. Lightfoot not only admitted to the practice but actually doubled down on it, tweeting out quote: 12″It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White in a city where more than half of the city identifies as Black, Latino, [Asian American or Pacific Islander] or Native American. Diversity and inclusion is imperative across all institutions including the media. In order to progress we must change.

Tucker Carlson actually called Lightfoot quote ‘a monster’ in response to that, and he likened her and her racist ideology to that of Nazi fascism! But if Tucker thought that such logic would even remotely persuade the leftist activists disguised as journalists in the mainstream Marxist media, he was sorely mistaken. Literally on cue, so-called media journalists went on the attack, NOT against Mayor Lightfoot, but instead, against Tucker Carlson! Take a look at this headline from the leftists at the Daily Beast: ‘Tucker Carlson WHINES that ‘Monster’ Lori Lightfoot Would Happily Round Up White People for Punishment.’ Politico reported that Laurence Bolotin, executive director of American Jewish Committee Chicago, called Tucker’s commentary quote “disgusting and evil.” In fact, a number of so-called journalists actually praised Mayor Lightfoot! Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun Times publicly commended Lightfoot for bringing awareness to the media’s lack of diversity! It’s obvious with such headlines and commentary that the mainstream media has gone off the deep end; but that’s precisely why, in the end, they’re guaranteeing their own demise! Even fellow liberals are admitting that this woke mind virus is guaranteeing the left’s ultimate defeat! You’re going to love this!

Former British liberal leader Tony Blair is warning his fellow leftists that they are indeed in danger of going extinct! And one of the things that he said that’s killing the left is their current fetish with the wokeness of identity politics! And that’s because quote: [while people may] dislike prejudice; they dislike [every bit as much] extremism in combating prejudice.” THAT is what the modern day left does not understand! The American people, and the European people as well, may be very concerned about social inequities, but that concern does not in any way translate into far-left cultural Marxist radicalism! And so the left, in actually defending practices that are indicative of the very racism that they supposedly denounce, the left is LOSING! And that’s the assessment of one of the most successful liberal politicians of the last 30 years, Tony Blair! Every time the mainstream media defends this radical nonsense, they hammer another nail in the coffin of the political left! And again, this critique, this warning, is coming from fellow leftists! So all this means that Lori Lightfoot’s political fall really does appear to be a harbinger of what’s to come for woke liberalism itself; according to some of their own ilk, Lightfoot’s demise is but a foretaste of the day that her ideology as a whole implodes!