Libs Who Can’t Define ‘Woman’ Ponder the Definition of ‘Woke’

Former President Donald Trump, speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

The ultra-leftist Daily Show, a purported comedy and satirical show about politics, recently showcased a montage of conservative personalities whose supposed fault is that they could not consistently define a word, in this case, the word ‘woke.’

– The Daily Show uses terms without coherent definitions while faulting conservatives for the same.

– Leftism revolves around the pursuit of power and disempowering and marginalizing the opposition.

– The Daily Show’s attempt to expose right-wing hypocrisy backfires and exposes their hypocrisy.

As the video description asks rhetorically, “Do conservatives even know what woke means? The very same Daily Show just had a stint like this.

It would be interesting to see The Daily Show step up to the standards that it so self-righteously imposes on others. If a woman is not biologically defined, then what precisely is a woman?


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The Daily Show has no problem using this term for which they can offer no coherent definition, and yet, somehow, they fault conservatives for supposedly failing to do the same thing. This double standard appears hypocritical to many. If they can use a term without being able to give even the slightest semblance of a coherent definition, then what’s the problem when others do the same?

The liberals over at The Daily Show are engaged in what George Orwell called ‘newspeak.’ Newspeak involves the totalizing redefinition of language in accordance with the aims and goals of leftwing politics. The key to understanding leftwing politics is that it is all about the notion of what scholars call ‘emancipatory politics.’ Emancipatory politics re-envisions the state as a grand liberator of people groups who has supposedly been disenfranchised from the political process.

This is why, as the late cultural critic Roger Scruton noted, everything from a leftist perspective is recast as a ‘struggle,’ ‘fight,’ or a ‘war.’ The liberal can’t even talk about ‘peace’ without talking about a ‘fight for peace’ or a ‘struggle for peace!’ Newspeak reconfigures language to designate which side a person is on. An example of this is someone asking if you are on the side of the liberation revolution or are you against it. Using language like this defines people who do not subscribe to the ideas of the “liberator” as oppressors.

Leftists reject people who claim to know what a woman is. If someone recognizes that the term is fluid and without any essentialist or strict definition, then they are on the side of the revolution. Definitional consistency has nothing to do with it, and like everything else for the modern left, is a political partisanized weapon. If definitional consistency empowers leftist aims and goals it’s embraced. If definitional consistency hinders leftist aims and goals, it’s rejected.

Modern leftism crumbles when analyzed apart from the one single logic of power which drives everything the left does. Further, the key here is that to gain power, they must by definition disempower. They have to marginalize and disenfranchise the enemy, which means they are actively engaged in the very evil they claim their emancipatory politics overcomes.

Their hypocrisy by definition unfairly recasts others as enemies based solely on the group to which they belong. The Daily Show may have thought that they were cleverly exposing the hypocrisies of the political right, but in the end, all they ended up doing is exposing their hypocrisy.

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