Legacy Media Finally Admits TRUTH about Ukraine!

Florida congressman Byron Daniels has been floated as a potential VP candidate for the next president. The truth bombs that he just dropped are becoming increasingly undeniable, even for the most hardened leftists. They’re finally admitting the truth about Ukraine, a truth we’ve been reporting on now for well over a year.

– Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky spoke at the United Nations about climate change, claiming Putin exploited climate change as a pretext for invading Ukraine.

– A Wall Street Journal poll indicates 52% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the Ukraine crisis, with most wanting less U.S. involvement.

– Newsweek published an article admitting that Washington’s extensive support for Ukraine, including $113 billion spent, hasn’t dented Russian fortifications in Ukraine.

Ukrainian president Volodymir Zelensky was in New York yesterday speaking in front of the United Nations, an assembly that almost every major world leader is skipping. Perhaps they do not care about it because of speeches like this:

Zelensky channeled his inner Greta and lectured the world about climate change. According to Zelensky’s latest spin, the evil Vladimir Putin exploited the horrors of climate change to launch an invasion of Ukraine. The hilarious Babylon Bee exposed the obvious here with the satirical headline: ‘Zelensky Passes Around Offering Plate During U.N. Speech.’ As you can see, no one’s buying this clown anymore. No one wants to see war or anyone’s nation invaded. There is a growing sense that what’s happening in Ukraine is the latest in a thousand-year history that’s very complex which we know next to nothing about and we have no place in taking part in it. According to the latest Wall Street Journal poll, 52% of Americans disapprove of the way Bumblin’ Biden has handled the Ukraine crisis. Most respondents in the poll think we’ve done too much about Ukraine, and they generally want an end to our ‘pouring oil on the fire.’

A recent headline from Newsweek said: ‘We can no longer hide the truth about the Russia-Ukraine War!’ This article was written by a fellow named Daniel Davis, a senior at Defense Priorities. This title is an admission that the regime and its surrogates in the legacy media have all been lying. The article roots reality in the highly-touted counteroffensive by Ukraine that began at the beginning of June. It was highly touted in the lead-up to that counteroffensive, but you may have noticed we didn’t hear anything about it after it began. That’s because that counteroffensive was an abject disaster.

The Russian frontlines in Ukraine are, according to Col. Douglas MacGregor, the most fortified areas on the planet. There has never been any way for Ukraine’s already radically depleted and spent forces to realistically break through those lines. That is exactly what this article is admitting. It’s even more tragic: that failed counteroffensive cost tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives. The New York Times is reporting that upwards of 50,000 Ukrainians were killed this summer alone. Hundreds of thousands have been wounded and taken out of contention to fight.

Newsweek’s article said ‘Washington has spent nearly $113 billion throughout this war, provided Ukraine with an astounding volume of modern arms and ammunition, and delivered an impressive array of training and intelligence support. After almost a year of preparation, it hardly dented the Russian lines.’ After all of the endless bellicose nonsense we’ve heard from the mainstream media about how Ukraine was going to take back all their lost land, after all that patent nonsense, the Russian fortifications weren’t even so much as dented. NATO officials have admitted that Ukraine is going to have to cede the lost territory, but perhaps we can give them NATO membership as consolation, which of course isn’t going to happen while Ukraine is in a state of war.

This Newsweek article is echoing this sentiment. It’s now time to negotiate peace on the best terms possible for Kyiv, recognizing that the territory that’s been annexed by Russia, the regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kerson, Zaparosha, and Crimea are permanently gone. There’s no getting them back, which is precisely what we have been arguing for the last year ever since the annexation ceremony a year ago this month. So what does all of this mean?

In many respects, the Ukraine debacle makes the failed Afghanistan withdrawal look brilliant by comparison. We were told that 300,000 well-trained Afghan troops were enough to stave off any attack by the Taliban and there was no way that Kabul would fall. Here we are again, after months of hearing that ‘There’s no way Russia can win this; the Putin regime is collapsing; the Russian people have had enough!’ These are the same Russian people who give Putin an 80% approval rating! It’s tragic to see just how far the West has fallen with its current crop of corrupt leaders. Let’s pray that our populations finally turn on those leaders and vote in fellow patriots who will finally bring an end to this catastrophe of Ukraine and our incompetent elite!

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