Leftist HYSTERIA over Buffalo Shooting BACKFIRES!!!

As many know, there was a horrific mass shooting at a supermarket on Saturday afternoon in Buffalo, New York. The suspect, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, shot and killed ten and injured 3. The motive for the shooting was spelled out in a 180-page racially charged manifesto. The suspect made it clear that he had been radicalized by white supremacist and neo-Nazi propaganda online. Interestingly, many commentators have noted that the suspect featured the same Black Sun symbol on his manifesto that the Azov Battalion uses in Ukraine, which has thus far been unanimously heralded as heroes by the legacy media. The Nazi connection was so evident that one far-leftist did her best to gaslight the link by tweeting, saying, ‘There’s a lot of disinformation already about the mass shooter in Buffalo, NY. To be clear, he didn’t have an “Azov Battalion symbol” in his manifesto — it’s a sonn-en-rad (or black sun), which is a common white supremacist symbol.’ Now, this person designates herself as a postdoctoral student who seemingly can’t recognize basic logical categories. It is not an Azov Battalion symbol! It’s a common white supremacist symbol that the Azov Battalion uses! I think Michael Tracey responded best to this torturous attempt at gaslighting the obvious: ‘There’s a certain type of person who’s devoted enormous energy to monitoring and warning about the purported threat of Nazis, white supremacists, and associated groups — yet suddenly now performs elaborate mental gymnastics to deflect scrutiny from this one particular group.’

Within minutes of the shooting, the Democrat mouthpiece of the legacy media went into their all-out-hysterics mode, their woke radical mode, and started printing some of the most foolish and ridiculous headlines imaginable. Rolling Stone magazine, the publication written by and for borderline illiterates, ran the headline: ‘The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican.’ That’s right; that’s what counts as serious political discourse at a magazine that couldn’t even define what a woman is! Over at Mother Jones, an equally worthless rag of leftist drivel ran the headline: ‘The Buffalo Shooter’s Manifesto Relied on the Same White Supremacist Conspiracy Pushed by Tucker Carlson’! Well, that’s interesting, especially given that his manifesto doesn’t even mention Tucker Carlson by name and explicitly reviled and denounced Fox News! But hey, leftists never let facts get in the way of woke hysterics! And of course, not to be outdone, the mumbling Marxists over at Salon.com, yes, the Bolshevik Buffoons, had to remind everyone they still existed with the headline: ‘Mass shooting in Buffalo: Tucker Carlson and other right-wing conspiracy theorists share the blame’ Can you believe the contrast? The radical discrepancy between the way the media is portraying this horrible mass shooting in Buffalo with the almost total silence surrounding the mass killings in Waukesha, Wisconsin, when a 39-year-old black man named Darrell Brooks plowed into a Christmas parade of mostly white attendees with his SUV, killing six. The Daily Mail initially reported that the now-deleted Facebook account belonging to Darrell Brooks showed that he had encouraged knocking ‘white people the f*** out’ and also appeared to support the controversial Black Nationalist Group known as the Hebrew Israelites. The Daily Mail noted that Brooks wrote his racially inflammatory postings right around the time of the George Floyd incident. We also found out that he was a rampant anti-Trumper who was an amateur rapper with songs containing lyrics such as ‘f** Donald Trump,’ which he reportedly wrote just before the attack. However, if you’re part of a far-left parrot site like the Daily Beast, there’s no connection between Darrell Brooks and BLM! How could you possibly think such a thing!

  The Washington Post even went further to gaslight the whole incident; they went so far as to print the absurdity that the Waukesha’ tragedy’, yes, that’s the word they used, not carnage, not racial murders. They tweeted out that the Waukesha tragedy was caused, if you can believe it, by an SUV! Well, maybe, just maybe, the legacy media is going to have to revisit their embarrassing coverage or the lack thereof of that horrific murderous rampage last Christmas because it’s being reported that the name of one of the victims of the Waukesha massacre was on the rifle used by the shooter in Buffalo! We’ll see, in light of such a revelation, we’ll see if the legacy media cares to reconsider their original lackluster coverage of Waukesha

We all know what’s going on here; this is nothing more than an attempt, and a frankly lame one at that, at smearing all Republicans, all patriots, and all conservatives as a bunch of racist xenophobic murderers! On top of all of that, we’ve got renewed calls for massive gun control! Isn’t it evident that the only thing on this earth that could possibly rectify this horror is to make sure that the rights entailed in the Second Amendment are radically infringed! Right on cue, the woke left, the very woke left that wants to defund the police, now, that same radical left wants more gun control laws on the books because all the other ones did such a great job preventing this, didn’t they! They want gun control, and they want a new domestic terror law, and we all know at who that law would be aimed! It would be aimed at anyone that the woke left designates as a domestic terrorist, you know, like parents at school board meetings! All of this is for naught, it’s all for show, nothing, absolutely nothing is going to come out of this that will in any way benefit the left, and if anything, the only legislation that will pass is only going to end up benefiting the right.

There was a very interesting article that was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Journal that explored the effect of mass shootings on public opinion and its political ramifications. They wanted to try to figure out the discrepancy between the intense emotional reactions that such shootings elicit among the public, and yet, there’s no historical record of any meaningful gun control legislation following in its wake! A terrible shooting happens and is followed by hysterics in the media calling for more gun control which Democrat politicians exploit in every way imaginable, but then nothing happens! It all just dies away! So what gives? Well, that’s what this study explored! It found that while there’s a mass in the number of gun control bills in state legislatures or in congress right after a mass shooting, they almost always end up dying in committee. They don’t go anywhere! I mean, Clinton tried it after Columbine in 99, Obama tried it right after Sandy Hook back in 2012, and now Biden is trying it. But in the end, it never translates into legislative success; and the study found that’s because, no matter how horrible the event, it tends to fade from public consciousness, on average, within a week of the incident.

The emotional reaction is highly partisan: Democrats are outraged and want more gun control, whereas Republicans are outraged and want gun laws loosened so we can defend ourselves against the perpetrator! That is the irony in all of this! While the Blue States have largely been unsuccessful in passing gun control laws after a mass shooting, Red States have been very successful in passing laws that significantly loosen gun laws to empower citizens to defend themselves! So all of this hysteria by the ultra-left legacy media only backfires! Here’s what the study concluded: ‘Prior research has shown that mass shootings lead to an increase in the number of gun-related bills introduced at the state level, but the impact on state legislation passed looks very different in legislatures controlled by Republicans versus Democrats [that’s Red States vs Blue States] Whereas mass shootings are associated with increases in legislation that loosens gun restrictions in Republican-controlled legislatures, mass shootings are not associated with any changes in gun legislation that is passed in Democrat-controlled legislatures.’ The Red States successfully loosened their gun laws while the Blue States generally ended up doing nothing!

The reason for this is simple: gun control ends up splitting the Democrat base while at the same time uniting Republicans against it! As it turns out, many Democrats are gun owners, and they don’t want laws that penalize gun owners, period! So gun control grabs split the Democrats while uniting Republicans against them! That’s why they almost always fail, and it’s why laws that loosen restrictive gun laws almost always pass! This hysteria only ends up backfiring on the woke left, and I don’t see any reason to think that this latest Buffalo horror will be any different!